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Review of Plastic Soldier company Stug IIIs in 15mm scale  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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http://mightyminiatures.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/474/ very good review by Lee Parnell. Enjoy.

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I have these. Great models. Here's a couple side-by-side with the Battlefront starter StuG's (partially painted for scale and detail comparison:

I plan on finishing the resin StuGs for intros, but use the PSC ones for my Germans, and take a bit more time on the painting.
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Hey Agatheron, how did you paint your stugs? Did you use airbrush?
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Nice. I have a box of these on order. For the weight, you could also glue some pennies (or equivalent coinage) inside.

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danli7 wrote:Hey Agatheron, how did you paint your stugs? Did you use airbrush?

Yup. Although I had to be a little careful with it. I used Vallejo's Middlestone, Chocolate Brown and Reflective Green as the colours... although I did a little "modulation" on the base coat.

Vallejo model paints are very tricky to use with an airbrush though. DON'T thin them with any sort of alcohol, especially the Tamiya X-20A, it will turn the paint into clumpy goo. Instead use Vallejo's own thinner and water. It's not as clean as using either Tamiya or GW paints through the airbrush, but it got the job done.

As for the PSC StuGs, I'm going to likely go with Tamiya paints, and give them the full AFV modelling treatment, rather than the quick and dirty that the starter resins are getting. I needed the StuGs for doing Open Fire intros with my friends to see if they're interested in playing FoW regularly.
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Great review!
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Googled for a PSC Stug review and saw this one right away. Convinced me to pick up two boxes of them today, lol

Love the side by side comparisons.

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That's a good review. I think the reviewer is a bit unfair when he says the price of the PSC StuG as its best feature - it has a lot more going for them than that. I agree with the comments about the tracks - it's vital to clean up the inner surfaces of the track pieces or they don't sit properly. Once you get the hang of it, they're quite quick to assemble. One suggestion is to use Tamiya extra fine liquid cement, as this gives you time to position small pieces, and doesn't damage the detail when (as always happens) you get an overflow when attaching small parts. I'm building mine as the Ausf F version, without Schurzen. Not as iconic as the Ausf G, but they're great models. The reviewer's comments about the PSC crew figures are also accurate - they are very 'soft'. But at least they're more in scale than many 15mm minis. As StuG crew often wore helmets, I'm making the crew out of PSC German infantry.

Agatheron's airbrushed camo looks perfect for this scale. I'd love to see the PSC StuGs painted the same way.

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