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Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter

NE England

Need some feedback on this attempt at a cracked ceramic effect.
[Thumb - ceramic test1.jpg]

[Thumb - ceramic test2.jpg]

[Thumb - ceramic test3.jpg]

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Made in us
Badass "Sister Sin"

Camas, WA

Interesting. I don't know that it comes off as cracked ceramic, just as lined shoulders.

I really like the weapon effect though!

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Made in us
Stalwart Space Marine

Princeton, WV

I agree with pretre, it looks like lined shoulders, but the model as a whole looks great.

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Made in us
Perfect Shot Black Templar Predator Pilot

Roseville, CA

Agreed with the others, it's a well painted necron but I think you should look a bit into how to do damaged armor on black, it's quite tricky (I still haven't mastered it and I've been doing black templars for 6 years)
Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator


Same here, looks great, but not like cracked ceramic. A possible solution here I saw in an old basing article. You take a piece of egg shell and lay some glue down over the shoulder pad. You then press the eggshell into the glue, pushing down to cause it to crack and shatter into many small peices. Next you paint the area, and then wash it with a dark wash to darken the cracks.

Just an idea. Never tried anything like it myself.

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Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter

NE England

Cheers for the comments.
Im thinking of doing some experimentation with this and have another go once Ive got the army fully painted.

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Made in us
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Vancouver WA

Looks cool. Maybe try using a dark grey for the base color of the shoulders so you can use black to add depth to the cracks.or if you can swing it try adding a fine line of black over the top of your light gray lines. sort of the same technique as paint chipping. so it would be a very dark gray shoulder pad with a black line representing the crack with a light grey highlight of the black line representing the light from the shattered ceramic edge. hope that makes sense. keep up the good work.

Made in us
Irked Necron Immortal


That weapon is fantastic!

As for Ceramics, try this....let us assume it is a coating over metal, however this can be edited to represent other materials i guess.

Paint small 'chipping' stripes around the edges, and small scratches onto the larger plate areas in a lighter tone, such as bleached bone, or a grey shade.

then paint into that shape boltgun metal, but leave and edge of the original color. This will represent 'layers' of material showing in the scratch, and give it a slightly 3d look....

hope that helps.

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