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Welcome to Dakka's News & Rumors forum. Before posting a new thread in this forum, please take a moment to read and understand the following guidelines for posting a thread in this forum.


1) Please DO NOT create duplicate topics.

Before starting a thread, check to see if there is not already one started on the same subject, including using the 'search' function to search for your query. If there is already a thread in existence discussing your topic, please post your info in the existing thread instead of starting a new one.

2) Please DO NOT start threads to ask if people have rumours they have not shared.

If the information is not already posted, there is either nothing to report or the people who know are not allowed or unwilling to divulge anything yet. Rest assured, any new information goes up in minutes usually, there is no need to ask. Again, the 'search' function is your friend to check and see if any rumors on a specific subject have been posted yet.

3) Please DO NOT start threads unless you have substantial info to share.

'I heard from a red-shirt that in 2 years something-something vague' or 'my friend told me he heard -' is not enough to start a thread about. Please try to post rumors you have heard directly yourself from someone close to the source, or feel free to post info from elsewhere on the web that is tangible (pics, quotes, established sources/sites).

4) Please DO NOT post full unit stats or rules unless you have explicit permission from the copyright holder to do so.

While it may be relatively easy to find a scanned copy of just about anything you're looking for on the internet, Dakka will never be one of those places. It is okay to post rumors or partial information about rules, but posting for example, the entirety of a unit's rules on this site is not allowed and will be removed. When in doubt, the easy rule of thumb is: Would the copyrighted information I am going to post allow other players to skip purchasing something they would normally need to purchase in order to legally obtain said information? If the answer is yes, then please do not post it here.

4) Please DO NOT post links to sites that are actively distributing copyrighted information or post the names of said sites in order to direct other users there.

Again, it is easy enough for people to find their way to copyrighted material that is being distributed without the owner's consent, but Dakka will not be a part of that ecosystem. Even if you know where some material is being hosted and someone else is asking where to find that material, please refrain from posting a link to that site or publicly directing other users where to go to find it.

5) Please DO NOT split your topic into multiple threads when it can be posted together as a single thread.

We love it here on Dakka when wargaming companies, or even just someone on their behalf, posts information about their new releases. However, the News & Rumors forum is a pretty heavily trafficked forum and it can very easily turn into a war to see which company can post the most new threads. Because of this, we ask that you make every effort to combine information about a single company's releases into as few threads as humanly possible.

One option that can work is to stick with only a single thread for all the companies releases (sometimes known as an uber-thread). The key to managing this type of thread is to constantly update the thread's title to direct users to a specific page number in the thread where the newest releases have just been posted. Thread titles can be changed by 'editing' the original post in the thread (and just changing the 'subject' field).

However, if you are unable or unwilling to continually update your thread's title to announce where to find new information in your thread it is perfectly okay to separate new releases out into their own separate threads. However, if this route is chosen, we still ask that all new releases from a company within a short timespan should still be grouped together into one thread, rather than posting a separate thread for every single different product. A good guideline is roughly around 2 weeks: If a product is being released within 2 weeks of another product from the same company, then if at all possible that information should be combined together into a single thread.

Following these guidelines will help to keep News and Rumours clean, tidy and relevant and will help improve the overall experience for everyone.

Thanks very much!

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