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Just wanted to let everyone know to watch out for AnUnearthlyChilde.

He is located in England, I am located in Canada.

I sold him some Sisters of Battle 2 weeks ago to today (same weekend that Canada Day took place).

I shipped them out to him and now, within less then 10 business days he has filed a paypal dispute with me. This is the kind of behavior I've seen from overseas scammers on Ebay, I advise everyone to be careful.

I can provide my customs forms and receipt for the shipping if I need to post it here. Found this ridiculous, as it can often take a week + for things to reach the US and he paid me for the items without me even realizing he was from the UK; so I had to pay MORE for his shipping.

There was a misunderstanding with the items purchased and I offered to refund him... he chose not to and I gave him different items to fix the situation. Now he opens a paypal dispute, this seems pretty fishy.

Please watch yourselves.

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I'm still waiting for some stuff to come from a trade I did with someone in Canada never mind him only waiting 10 days. There is currently an issue with the UK courier company and thats why I still dont have them though, they did take 6 weeks to get to the UK in the first place though.

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Ya that's ridiculous mail can take weeks to reach the UK.

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I'm going to lock this temporarily. Technically, it has been 2 weeks (just barely) but I would like to give this some time to sort itself out.

I.e., IdentifyZero if you shipped the items, and have proof of this, then the Paypal claim should either be settled in your favor by Paypal, or cancelled by the other user once they receive the items, assuming they filed it in good faith.

Either user, please PM me in one week's time, or after there has been an update in status (such as package received, claim escalated, etc) to unlock this thread.
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