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Regular Dakkanaut

Seems to me that the Butcher is seriously hampered as a melee caster by his lack of mobility.  Between his 5 SPD and no movement enhancing spells, he struggles to get to combat while casting any spells.

Now, obviously, when backed up by Vlad or Sorscha, he gets Boundless Charge to get him moving, but otherwise he seems limited.

Thinking about this, it seems like the best group to use for him would be a couple of Kodiaks, and have them and he just run until they get into charge range.  They run for free, and he can just keep his focus on him to overcharge his power field and make it tougher to damage him.  We all know that once he's in melee, he'll rip down 1-2 heavy warjacks on his own, it's just getting there that's the problem.


Made in ca
Infiltrating Moblot

He's better off with NO warjacks. Back him up with Manowars instead.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Just make sure that he keeps all the focus for armour!
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Seattle, WA

Thing is he doesn't really have any spells to cast... Turn one advance and drop your one or two upkeep spells and you can run the rest into combat the rest of the game. His offensive spell list is of extremely limited usefulness, and rarely is it worth it to stop and cast vs. just run or charge into combat. Plus, you'll want the extra focus for armor anyway.
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