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Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter

NE England

Would like some opinions on the scheme Im considering for my soon-to-be-rebuilt CSM. At the moment I'm not sure what I want to do with the base yet.
[Thumb - IMAG0435.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0436.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0437.jpg]

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HH AL: 2500

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Made in us
One Canoptek Scarab in a Swarm

Georgia, USA

I'd say stick with gold or yellow trim throughout the model. The silver trim on the boots looks a little off. Maybe add a layer of Nuln Oil/Badab Black (depending on if you have the new or old washes) to help subdue the highlights a bit.

All in all though, you've got the scheme down

Made in gb
Lurking Gaunt

Personally I'm not usually a fan of pure black 'black' armour, but it seems you've really nailed it.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I'd say the advice on sticking to gold is sound. Save silver bits for things like chainsword teeth, bolter clips and other tiny techy details.

Also, for future hair colors, I'd avoid black/gray. There's plenty of that on the model as is.

Aside from that, its a solid piece.

Winning is good, explosions are better! 
Made in us
Blood Sacrifice to Khorne

He's looking good.

I actually kind of like the gold trim top half, silver bottom look but I can see all gold or all silver working.

The grey hair came out well but see I understand the above advice on staying away from too much black or grey hair with the top knot models.

It's just a matter of opinion but to tone down the silver on my Black Legion marines I use a bit of Devlan mud/Agrax Earthshade. Works well if you want a slightly grimy look, nuln oil if you just want to dull it a bit.

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