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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Hey folks.. working out a new scenario. Still need to take some photos and lay it out so it'll look good as a PDF.. Going to also include links to some suitable terrain pieces for folks that might not have anything god. But, what do you think so far?

The Story

A group of prospectors headed out to Cooter's Mine got caught in the middle of a dustup. The prospectors were killed, the horses ran off, and their cart dumped crates of TNT all along the road before it finally rolled to a stop. Not one to miss an opportunity to collect some free explosives, your Gang Leader brought a few men to load up the wagon and run off with the goods. But, it looks like he's not the only one with a good idea right about now...

Set Up

Lay out your board like you normally would, but you should have some sort of road, path or rectangular open space going across the middle of the board. You should use the High Noon or Cornered Gang Setup, no one should start in the middle of the board.

Your terrain should have a cart or wagon, and 5 crates of TNT.

Follow the normal rules for setting up your gangs, but before the game starts both players roll 1D6, rerolling ties, and the winner gets to place the first crate of TNT. Crates can go anywhere on the road, and must be at least 8" away from any Gang Member. Next, both players alternate back and forth placing crates until all 5 are on the board, and the last player will place the cart or wagon along the road.

Special Rules

Any model within 1" of a crate or wagon counts as having Dynamite as an additional weapon, and may throw sticks at enemies during their activation. Crates & wagons may be targeted and attacked as if they were normal model, and are considered extra models for the purposes of figuring out crowded targets.

Crates are considered to have 2 HP and 3 DP, wagons have 3 HP and 5 DP. When HP is reduced to 0, the crate or wagon explodes! Crates will follow the normal rules for exploding dynamite, centered on where the crate was. Carts will have the same strength, but the explosion will have a radius of 2D6". Remove the crate or wagon from the board if it explodes.


Kill the other gang! Whoever takes out the other gang first is the winner.

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