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Regular Dakkanaut

A Voodoo Man has strolled into town, and used his dark magic to hypnotize one of your gang! Can the heroes break the evil spell? Or will their comrade be lost forever to the service of darkness?



This scenario is intended for two gangs. One gang (henceforth, the Defender) will set up with 1 x Doctor Leader and 3 x Henchmen. The Defender's Leader will ideally be represented by a Voodoo Shaman, Witch, Alienist, or some other model appropriate for a black magician. The opposing gang (henceforth, the Attacker) will set up with 1 x Leader, 2 x Professionals, and 3 x Henchmen.

Before the battle starts, the Defender may examine the Attacker's character cards. The Defender chooses one of the Attacker's Professionals to join his gang. This model has fallen under the Voodoo Man's spell and will be moved to the Defender's Deployment zone. The two sides now contain an equal number of models. Unless the Attacker rescues the hypnotized model by defeating them in melee combat (described below) the Defender will control this model for the remainder of the game.



The Defender's three Henchmen are mindless Zombies. Zombie Henchmen have reduced mental faculties. Their Intellect can never exceed 1, and they may never make Ranged attacks. However, the Zombies automatically pass all Morale Checks.

Rescue: If an Attacker's model defeats the hypnotized Professional in melee combat, the Professional will be regain their senses. Control of the model reverts to the Attacker. The model returns to the battle with 1 HP. If the Attacker defeats the hypnotized Professional with a ranged attack, the Professional may survive but will not return to the battle.


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