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The Dark Tower is the center of all creation.... of multiple creations... It is a spire of black of obsidian that bears the weight of the universe. Its floors and gallerys span many worlds, but only in Mid-World may the ghost-wood doors be opened and the secrets of the Tower claimed. What will you find at the top of the tower? God? Satan? A brave new world or an unknown horror? Two gangs have met before the unfound door, but only one will live to open it!



Two gangs, of any size or compositon. Mixed gangs and anachronistic miniatures are encouraged. Each gang deploys on opposite ends of the board, centered along the board edge. Between the two gangs, in the center of the board, place a large tower (GW's Witchfate Tor and Eternity Stair are good examples). This should block line of sight between the two gangs. The remainder of the board can be covered with dense forest terrain.

Divide the board into four quadrants (Northwest, southeast, and so on). Take turns placing four free-standing Doors on the table, one in each quadrant. (Trolls Lair Wooden Door set is a good example).



Doors: Each Door represents a portal to any other Door on the battlefield. If a model moves into base contact with a Door, the player may move the model and place them in base contact with any other Door. If a model has not used up all of its movement allowance, it may continue its move after teleporting. The act of moving through a Door costs the model one inch (1"). Models may not shoot or throw objects through a Door.

It is considered unsporting for a losing player to use the Doors simply to prolong the game. Any player who does so has forgotten the face of his father.

Last man standing wins.

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