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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I hadn't played warmachine in 6 months or so (since the Rogue's Den closed), but Showcase had a 750 point steamroller that 8 people made it to, so here's my report. The 6 month layoff was extra daunting, because our club has a "lose and your out" motto (which of course we don't actually follow) and the other guys decided warmachine counts, since I was the only one representing the club.

I played my Severius rocket army of doom:

full choir
full deliverers
full zealots + monolith bearer

First game was against Cygnar. If was the "hold the middle" game. He had:
2 centurions
the new lightning uber jack (forget the name)
the shooty heavy jack+ journeyman caster
full longgunners
2 stormmages

I thought for sure I was in trouble, since darius can bring jacks back from wrecked, which means I've usually shot my load and can't deal with the revived jacks. But we discovered that the avatar completely destroys jacks he kills, and leaves no wrecks to revive. So he killed a centurion, my revenger got lucky and took out the journeyman and then the disabled shooty big jack, rockets ate the the longgunners, and zealots killed the stormhead thing, which darius brought back.

He was only able to kill my avatar and half my zealots. So win 1.

Game 2 was against Cryx. The mission was the 3 center objectives. (whoever holds the most wins, period).

He had:

The Liche lord
The pirates
bile thralls
the guy with the mancatcher thing
2 pistol wraiths.
4 deathchickens

This was only his second tournament, so he played rather slowly, which was bad for me, since he's able to get on the objective so fast. So The game only lasted 3 turns.

I let him have the objective to my left, which he devoted 2 deathchickens, the deathjack, the mancatcher guy and the bloat thrall to. So the rest of my army got to pick on what was left of his.

My rockets and toys thinned him out, but in 2 turns I couldn't do much. I knew I'd have only one turn to make my play, so I was going to death sentence one of the chickens on an objective, then run on it, and then walk on the center one with the avatar and win. But terminus popped his feat in the last round and I couldn't make anyone run. So one objective was out of reach.

So I had to try for the liche lord. I threw some bombs at him, which all missed, but the splash damage did 7 points of damage. The avatar came up and with his second swing did the last 13. Caster kill for the win.

Game 3 was against Cryx, with the mission where you can't let the other guy on your side while you aren't on his for 3 straight turns, so basically it's caster kill.

He had:
bile thralls
2 pistolwraiths
6 deathchickens
the mercs with crossbows who can shoot then move.

He sent the crossbows in to my far right, which died to zealots and ashes to ashes, but I didn't realize that this was intended to draw off some of my forces.

He was poised to really pounce on my avatar with the deathjack. I thought I'd get the charge on him, but he cast some spell that knocked him over and let him get in postion. I had sung "no spells", but he sacrificed a death chicken and shot him instead, which got me in the AOE.

So I had to put a redeemer between the deathjack and the avatar so he couldn't charge, but he walked in with his 5 attacks. And then proceeded to miss with 2, and score only a grand total of maybe 8 points of damage. Major flubbage. The avatar killed him for his trouble.

He made a gamble and committed denegra to trying to take over the zealots, to send them to kill severius. He feat lowered their command by -2, but severius was out of range of it, so they got to test on his 9 and passed. It was all over at this point.

He did a total of 10 points to severius with his last pistol wraith, but that was the last chance he had. I then killed all but one death chicken, and he had nothing but denegra (with a few points of damage on her), gorman, the scarlock and a death chicken that was half dead. I don't think I had actually given up any VPs at that point. (though the avatar should have been dead).

So 3-0, which was enough to win the tournament. So I'm still in the club.

"I've still got a job, so the rules must be good enough" - Design team motto.  
Made in us

Wilmington DE

I read that over at the RD forum...And I'm not surprised.

Kudos to you, showing 'em how it's done!

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Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

What's RD forum?

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Made in us
Tilter at Windmills

Manchester, NH

Rogue's Den, I imagine.

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Raging Rat Ogre

Off Exhibit

Wait, I thought terminus' feat was that he got focus for each model killed in his control. Does he have a no charge thing too?

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

It's a no order/no focus allocation thing.

"I've still got a job, so the rules must be good enough" - Design team motto.  
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