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Fresh-Faced New User

I just played my first game with the Blackwater Gulch ruleset - oh what a bloody fight it was..legendary...

anyway, I came across a couple of things I wanted to ask.

1. The colt 45 peacemaker has a strength of 6 - so in the hands of my near-master gunman (RC 5) he rolls 5 dice and for every hit the poor target rolls against the 6 strength pistol. That seems like a *very* powerful gun - is this how it is supposed to be?

2. Close combat - my 6 strength gang leader with a bowie knife (m +1) hits the opponent - The opponents rolls his defence dice (1 for a henchman, 2 for a professional and 3 for a leader - no modifier for cover - modifier if outnumbered or outnumbering) and that would be agains a 7 (6 +1 for the knife)? That means he has to roll a 6 and then reroll the 6 (see super strength in the rules) to get another 6 for a save. Thats 1 in 36 probability and makes it near impossible to defend against a knife attack. Am I playing this correctly?

3. How come running makes it more difficult to get hit? Should it not be opposite? I understand the rational that a fast moving guy is harder to hit, but the modifier also works in close combat (seems strange?). Also, with Run&Gun the best option if out in the open is to run in a circle and then shoot because you get a +1 protection. It is more logical that the runners should get a penalty for moving fast (I know they cant normally fire) and not a bonus.

4. If a doctor puts you back up on the feet, how much HP do you regain (if leader or professional)?

I really really love the activation system in this game and it runs really smoothly.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

For #1 and #2, it appears you are playing it correctly. People in BWG get killed really, really fast. I personally appreciate the fact that it is a fast playing game. This also drives home the point that cover is really, really important.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Yeah, I am not complaining so much as asking :-)

Cover is important but do not apply in close combat. Also soft cover only gives you +1 to hit and +1 d6 in defence. For a henchman this is 2 defence dice rolled on a 5 + to hit against the 5 or 6 dices the gunman is using. And then he has to save (6) to survive if the gunman is using a peacemaker. That´s brutal. Of course other weapons are not so though and I guess it is just the way it goes, sometimes the odds are against you - or the henchman in this case. Makes the peacemaker-dude target number one though.
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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Yes, peacemakers are supposed to be pretty tough. I wanted them to be the best gun since they're so iconic

But like Solosam said, combat is supposed to be fast and brutal. That's how I figured a gunfight would really be, and I like playing a few quick games vs one long drawn out affair where you take a nap while your opponent moves 128 tyranids

Cover is important. For henchmen, I like to keep them in buildings and leave the heroics up to the heroes. They will always have a heavy cover save as long as no one runs in after them. I think the game is most fun if you can play on a smaller board (2x2 or 3x3 feet) that's densely packed with buildings and obstacles to hide behind.

I'm going to be leaving the rules as is for now, but in the next version of the game when we release the boxed game and expansion book, I'll have an update to some rules to simplify things. For gang creation, henchmen's attributes will max at 4, professionals at 5 or 6 for their 1 attribute that their profession is based on.. and then legendary characters like gang leaders and hired guns can go up to 6. That should cut down on min-maxing for custom gangs where some players might take a lot of henchmen with RC's of 6. So there will be less big guns on the board in general.

Also going to be changing the super strength rule to be quicker and easier.. any point over 6 means you lose more HP if you don't save. So a Str 7 hit will take away 2 HPs, a Str 8 will take away 3, etc. I also wanted close combat to be brutal too, so that's why it's a little easier to get super strength hits.. a Wrassler with a natural strength of 6 swinging a sledge hammer will get 2 str 8 attacks per activation

Made in no
Fresh-Faced New User

Yeah I think that those are good steps that will significantly improve the game and make it even better. Particular the limit on henchmen! I´ll house-rule that straight away. No more henchmen running around with level 6 weapons (at least not without a penally!).

Thanks for answering, now back to the game

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