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Made in us
Scuttling Genestealer


Ok so the first model i every build and painted was this here Hive tyrant. Now I think it is alright however there are a ton of things i want to go back and touch up since ive painted a ton since then and learned a good amount.
I was wondering what people use to take models apart if i used Super Glue? Simple green? I just got some magnets so i want to disasemble magnetize and touch this bad boy up and Im not all to sure if simple green eats the paint of the model, And how exactly to get the simple green in contact with the super glue at parts such as his where his Torso meets.

Question 2 applies to my tervigon, and well all models but im currently finishing up my 2nd of a possibly 3 depending on if the new nid codex makes them terrbad.
I seem to find myself REALLY being way to anal about how the lines look. If you check out the 2nd picture of just the tervigon leg you can see im begging to touch up the lines to make them as straight as possible. Besides that i also despise when, and im not really sure how to go about phrasing this other then how im about to so bear with me, for instance the pink dips into the blue just a tiny bit, even though the line ends up straight it bothers the living hell out of me at close distance.

What i was thinking to combat this problem is a solution a friend who paints warships with a airbrush suggested. Liquid mask. So i would put the blue on thick let dry and then liquid mask over it and come over with the pink again to form a perfectly solid line. Any other suggestions? Im not sure if the liquid mask will pull the paint off and or cause any problems.

Thanks to anyone who has any tips and or ideas, and incase you read this book at all !!!!!!!!
[Thumb - 008.JPG]
Pic of lines being off on first 2 big models

[Thumb - 021.JPG]
Tervigon lines close up

[Thumb - 022.JPG]
Fixing lines on 2nd tervigon legs

Made in us
Scuttling Genestealer


Not sure why but my Hive tyrant didnt post so here he is For question 1
[Thumb - Complete Side Shot.JPG]
Question 1 (take me apart plz)

Made in us

Eaton Rapids, MI

Lots of stuff going on there....

First, The models look great, I've heard many an artist say that the key to making great art is to know when your done, adding anything more might ruin it.....

As to liquid mask, the stuff works well, just don't leave it on the model too long (like days).

Now with 100% more blog....

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