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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


Model: Pattern I-V serial number 472186

Forge World of Origin: Arkuria

Weight: 316 tonnes

Hull Length: 13.50m

Hull width: 8.4m

Height: 6.30m

Barrel Length: 5.5m

Ground Clearance: 1.20m

Armour: 80-220mm

Max Speed: 20kph on road, 18 kph off road

Crew: 10

Armament: 1x Turret Mega Battle Cannon, 1x Co-axial Autocannon, 1x Hull mounted Demolisher Cannon, 1x Hull mounted twin linked heavy bolter, 2x sponson-mounted twin linked heavy bolters, 2x turret mounted lascannons.

Main Ammunition: 30 rounds of rocket propelled AP rounds

Fording Depth: 3.10m


Baneblade 472186(IRON DUKE) last sighted on the agri world of Styian V supporting 7th Cadian Shadow Corps Regiment.
Intel states the vehicle was used as a line breaker vehicle against rebel forces. Vehicle achieved a kill total of 35 enemy vehicles. Origin regiment of vehicle unknown, suspected Phyressian 2nd Armor Regiment. Current vehicle whereabouts unknown.........

[Thumb - IMG_1709.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1711.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1713.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1715.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1719.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1723.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1725.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1728.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1730.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1732.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1733.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1735.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1737.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1739.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1741.JPG]

Made in us
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine


Wonderful! I am curious why some of the Imperial Regalia embellishments are plain?
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


I left the eagles plain to give the baneblade a more realistic feel

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