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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Hey folks

Something I've been planning to add to the game are different random objectives and arena conditions. I'm planning for this to be an optional deck of 36 cards, both players draw a card at the beginning of each game turn, before you roll for initiative. These cards would be optional, you can play a regular "set up and fight" kind of game like in the rules now, or use these cards to make the game more interesting and fun. For testing purposes I put them into a list where you can roll 1 D6 for the column and then roll again to get the result. Anyway, here's the preliminary list. I'd love to here any ideas you might have I'll be adding these in to the next rulebook update

Roll 1 - Arena Objectives - Completing each objective will have a reward of +2 Victory Points, except for Take & Hold which is defined below.

1 - Capture the Flag - Place an objective marker in the center of the board, you must capture and return this objective to your deployment zone. End a movemement action next to the objective to capture it, and it will remain in your mech's posession until returned. If your Mech is destroyed, the flag will drop where your Mech falls and another may capture it.
2 - Infiltrators - Destory an enemy mech while standing in their deployment zone.
3 - Death From Above - Destroy an enemy mech from a higher elevation
4 - The Harder They Fall - Destroy an enemy Mech from a lower elevation.
5 - Wing Clipper - Destroy both arm weapons from a single mech in the same activation.
6 - Take & Hold - Spend as much time as possible in your enemy's deployment zone. Reward: +1 Victory Point per game turn for each Mech in the enemy deployment zone.

Roll 2 - Bonus Upgrades - You may add the selected upgrade to any Mech on your team, but they cannot be added to mechs that already have the upgrade permanently. These upgrades will last for the current game turn only.

1 - Afterburner
2 - Deflector Shields
3 - Energy Reserves
4 - Extended Scanners
5 - Hit & Run
6 - Impact Dissipation

Roll 3 - More Upgrades

1 - Infiltrator
2 - Overload
3 - Ramming Speed
4 - Recon
5 - Strider
6 - Shield Breaker

Roll 4 - Arena Conditions

1 - Energy Drain - All Mechs suffer -1 Energy for the entire Game Turn.
2 - Smoke Screen - Visibility is severly hindered by smoke billowing around the arena. Ranged weapons may only make short ranged attacks this game turn, unless the mech is equipped with Enhanced Scanners.
3 - Power Drain - All Mechs suffer -1 Power for the entire Game Turn.
4 - Power Boost - All Mechs gain +1 Power for the entire Game Turn.
5 - GravLock - Booster Jets may not be used for the entire Game Turn.
6 - Energy Boost - All Mechs gain +1 Energy for the entire Game Turn.

Roll 5 - Arena Hazards - When hazards spawn, they are placed in the center of the board. They target the closet Mech, move directly toward it and attack if they are able. If a hazard is already targeting a mech and multiple hazards spawn, the other hazards will target the next closest Mech.

1 - Spawn 1 Crawling Hazard
2 - Spawn 1 Roving Hazard
3 - Spawn 2 Crawling Hazards
4 - Spawn 2 Roving Hazards
5 - Spawn 1 Crawling Hazard and 1 Roving Hazard
6 - Spawn 2 Crawling Hazards and 2 Roving Hazards

Roll 6 - Achievements - All achievements remain in play when drawn. Any Mech meeting the requirement on any game turn after the card is drawn will receive +1 Victory Point.

1 - Marathon Mech - Move 20" or more in 1 activation.
2 - Double Charge - Perform 2 Break Away actions and 2 Melee Attacks in the same activation.
3 - Piledriver - Damage an enemy with 3 sepatate melee attacks in the same activation.
4 - Juggernaut - Destroy an enemy that had full armor at the beginning of your activation.
5 - Best Served Cold - Destroy an enemy that previously destroyed a Mech on your team, immediately after it destroyed your teammate.
6 - Dominator - Destroy 2 enemy Mechs in the same activation.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh, also, as far as selling the cards goes, I think what I may do is offer them in packs of 12 cards for $5, so there will be an Objectives & Achievements pack, a Powerup pack and an Arena Effects pack. You can add add multiple packs to build a deck as big or as small as you want.

I also thought about adding some arena cards in with the starter sets, and you can add them to your decks. Like Terran Titans would have an upgrade card that lets you reroll misses from a ranged attack. Team Bushido would have the Mechjitsu card that gives a mech a bonus melee attack. I was also thinking about packaging the hazards with their arena cards, rather than as a separate pack. So you would get 4 hazards and all 6 cards in a little box set.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

TN/AL/MS state line.

I like the idea of the Arena Deck- it's adds more spice to the game after you get tired of standard arena matches. After a cursory glance they all seem fairly balanced IMO.

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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Yeah I think it'll be a fun change from the norm. I played a couple of test games and it was pretty fun. Depending on how well it goes I think over time I'll probably release new packs of cards too, so there's always some new objectives and things to add in.

I think what I'll do for the campaign is just have the packs as add-ons, with a basic design similar to the pilot cards but with no art.. and then do a stretch goal after the models are unlocked to get color artwork done for each card, and then give a free card pack to backers when we hit the goal to make it worthwhile Custom art will be kinda pricy, it adds up quick especially with lots of different cards.

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