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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Next update on the AoP board progress. Also a little inquisitorial snap:

Now I need to work on the fortress doors, and adding in some sparse trees. From then on it's battle damage and plasma scorch marks, with whatever else I think suits.

Apollyon and the head of his inquisitorial army. Mixture of guard with head swaps, likewise with Militarum Tempestus.


Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Glorious Nation of U.S.S.A!

Where did you get the majority of the lion head shoulder pads? Are they the scibor or puppets war ones? Or are they from the WHFB white lion models? Nice work on the collection. Huron is a great addition to that force. Have you thought about adding a lion skin tabbard here or there? Or would that be too wolf-esque?
Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

The chapter icon pads are actually from "Pop Goes the Monkey". Excellent options there!

However there are a few choice Puppets War shoulders to indicate squad sergeants.

A few of the models have lion pelts, but afraid I didn't have many in my bitz box :(

Update on the board!

Thoughts really appreciated. I've bought a ton of muzzle flash, and laser flashes so will scorch the no man's land with las burns and plasma scars!


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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hey guys,

Not certain, yet but to save me a ton of extra painting I've considered sticking to just he army:



Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Hi all,

Looking for some advise on my AoP board.

What works, what doesn't any tips?

It looks like there is fierce competition on this one so want to do well! -Even minor things, please point out!

Thinking of using this and repainting it for the archway. Building in some columns and 40K bits.


Also some snapz:

Night Lords Chaos Primaris Space Marine

Night Lords Chaos Primaris Space Marine Squad 1

Night Lords Chaos Primaris Space Marine Squad 2

Night Lords Chaos Primaris Space Marine Squad 3

Night Lords Sorc w/ Jump pack

Night Lords Lord w/ Jump pack and Claws of the Black Hunt

The 1,500 point list!

Primaris Berzerker


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