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I would like to know if adeptus Doritos has talked to the manager of store 1

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You can't fix these stores, only the owner of the store can. You'll fight with the wife and brats at the first and lose.

You'll fight with the kids at the second and lose. At least here you might get the staff to help, probably not.

GW you can't fix, it's corporate and they don't have space to play.

You can:
1) Set up a gaming club. Build a couple of gaming tables. Invite like minded gamers to come over and play. Keep it to invite only and only let in the people you like. After all, it's your place.

2) Open your own store. Live the dream! Game all day and get your models at wholesale!

3) Lying about #2. You won't have time to game, or anything else, and your friends will want discounts and will game all the time on your tables without you.

4) Convince someone else to open a game store........

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On behalf of FLGS #1, the fact that the store owner doesn't do anything about it is just horrible management. What I would do in this situation is try to figure out what days they come to the store and get a
couple of buddies to plan out a schedule for when you guys want to play 40k. Another thing I would recommend would be to personally talk with the store owner about the couples along with a few buddies
to back you up. If you have enough backing maybe the owner will issue a warning against the couples.

For the FLGS #2 it's just a lost cause. Go with the during school hours route.

As far as I know about the Games Workshop stores, on the GW website I know there's a customer support service where you can issue a complaint.

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Most Fire and Police stations have community rooms for rental. Might even get some new players.

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I don't know man. Cops don't like lawyers

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Reynoldsburg Ohio

My local store has the same problem as store #1 except it is the owner, not a customer that does this.
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 Adeptus Doritos wrote:
FLGS #1: The Brat Infestation.

FLGS #2: Teenage Wasteland.

Games Workshop store
Ugh, that situation in Store #1 hits so uncomfortably close to home with me that it is depressing. Not as in the McFamily taking over my gaming space, but in an uncomfortable familial situation that I am hesitant to go into too much detail for because of potential legal issues. But I can saw that I know a woman like the one you mentioned, who cares for a kid like you mentioned, and it is horrible when kids are allowed to be wild and uncontrollable in any situation because they have been "labeled" with something and their caregivers use that as an excuse to let them get away with anything. And in my dealings with it, it is depressing and heart-breaking, but I can't go into that.

Blech, anyways, I would have to generally agree with everyone here on recommendations:

FLGS #1 - Have a polite but strong conversation with the store manager/owner about the problem. Gather up the others who are bothered by this situation, and stand your ground as a group; if one person complains, it's no big deal, but if several stand together about the problem, that can elicit change.

FLGS #2 - I wouldn't go there anymore, ever again. The envirnment you have described is exactly why I stay out of big cities and like living in a semi-rural community within a couple hours drive of nearly a dozen individual gaming stores (though I only frequent 2).

Your GW store manager needs to take a chill pill. My local GW has had two managers: the first was a cool guy that didn't bother me too much since I spent enough money there that he didn't mind ( ). The second manager was extremely pushy on product, to the point that I quit going for almost a year. I went back again later, and his tune has changed, and the secdon manager is much more relaxed and not near as pushy on returning customers as he was before.
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 Ustrello wrote:
 Adeptus Doritos wrote:
Is it necessary that GW stores do what the GW store is doing? Can't they, you know, piss off and let you play?

Depends on the store manager to be honest. Some of the best ones in the country are in my neck of the woods and the managers have a very laid back sales pitch. Pretty much greet you, say are you looking for anything, if yes help them out, if not say let me know if you need any help, or if they seem new give them the quick rundown of what the games are etc and some demos

This is pretty much the manager of my LGW as well. They'll ask the right questions (ie, not simple yes/no questions), but won't actually pitch anything unless its a person wholly new to the hobby and is unsure what they are after. Even with brand new/potential players the manager doesn't go "here's space marines. . . you'll like them" or "here's sigmarites, you'll like them" they actually ask questions, suggest you start gaming with an army you like the look of, etc.
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