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Longtime Dakkanaut

Because I listened to a Bolt Thrower album backwards.
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I bought the 7th edition Deathstorm box (Blood Angels vs. Tyranids) under the rationalization that I wanted to put together a small Blood Angels army, but really all I wanted was to get my hands on the alternate artwork mini-rulebook (Blood Angel cover).

...I already had two mini-rulebooks (Dark Angel cover).

Don't judge me. LOL

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England: Newcastle

I started Death Guard because everybody said they were starting new Heresy armies for this monthly painting thing, when I already had an ongoing Heresy army and a load of other projects. Whilst in the end I was the only one that actually started a new army in the end.

Starting Sons of Horus Legion

Starting Daughters of Khaine

2000pts Sisters of Silence

4000pts Fists Legion
Sylvaneth A forest
III Legion 5000pts
XIII Legion 9000pts
Hive Fleet Khadrim 5000pts
Kabal of the Torn Lotus .4000pts
Coalition of neo Sacea 5000pts

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Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot

Clermont De L'Oise

Over the decades, I have amassed a large IG army with a large troop core. A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a new army. I decided to go for a low model count, elite army that would be easy to carry around... I started Ork green tide

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Huge Bone Giant


I think some of the worst reasons are the once where the cost i more then the taste.

The intellectual interaction on looking up rules, thinking out lists, colour schemes, convertion etc. The list is almost endless with how you interact with it intellectually. But if you do not follow that up with satisfying action it was a bad reason. (This comes rather post hoch.)

Say you buy some new models because they look cool, and they are a new army. Some years later you find the boxes in the bottom of your claset. What ever reason you wanted to do it you probably did not get.

Note that you can buy models just for painting. Or playing kill team etc. In that case you do get something out of it even if it does not end up as an army.

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Dipping With Wood Stain

Sheep Loveland

Main reason?

An army completely different to the one I played and to start fresh after a divorce. As much as I loved my Minotaur Primaris, they will always be the last link to my ex so I decided to sell.

Still, the turbo nerds of the Thousand Sons suit me just fine!

Minatours 2,000pts 70% painted 
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Huge Bone Giant


Was you and your ex into Greek cosplay?

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I bought Slanneshi Daemons because a kid at my LGS was playing basically the Wrath and Rapture box into my new Shadow Spear Marines and it went really badly. Afterward he was complaining about the Slannesh side of the box, and I offered to buy it so he could buy more of the stuff that he actually liked.

I kind of regret that decision.

They're not bad, but they're one-dimensional without allies and Tyranids just interest me more.

 AngryAngel80 wrote:

 AnomanderRake wrote:
I started a Deathwatch army because I assumed if I had Primaris minis GW wouldn't make them useless in the transition from 8th to 9th the way they made all my older armies useless in the transition from 7th to 8th...

That one hits me in the feels, yeah they really made primaris heavy Deathwatch feel kinda bland.Really kinda pissed me off, and yeah people can scream balance all they want, doesn't make it feel better. Especially not when some armies laughingly claim to be " balanced " currently. I think the Deathwatch were a victim of marine dial back and underwhelming codex supplements for all marine sub factions coupled with being at the start of the edition.

This surprises me because the three different Primaris Kill Teams play really differently from normal Marines. I haven't played a ton with them, but they're a very different experience from piloting my usual White Scars list.

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