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The aide hurried through the vast garden. He carried with him news, news that would change the fate of their world and their sister worlds. A fleet had been detected entering the system. A fleet composed of ships of vast power and size. A fleet heading steadily advancing toward their defense network. The aide climbed up a small hill, cursing the Prime Minister for his insistence on detaching himself from the world at such an inopportune time. During these times of meditation, the Prime Minister would turn off all of his portable communication devices, and could only be reached via physical messenger. At the top of the hill, the aide paused as he scanned the garden for his task. A single glance was all it took. No one could mistake the Prime Minister for anyone else. After all, not one man or woman could hope to reach the Prime Minister’s height.

The giant was tending to his portion of the garden, several bushes of flowers was his focus for this month. It was strange to see such a famous and powerful man on his knees in the dirt, idly humming as he worked with his gardening tools. The aide sprinted down the hill and closed the distanced between them in a few seconds. Before he could open his mouth, the Prime Minister without turning to look at him lifted one finger. “Catch your breath, Gregory. I already know.”

Gregory resisted the urge to touch the holy symbol around his neck. He was one of many who believed the Prime Minister was blessed by the gods. The Prime Minister’s mysterious foresight, which had led him to becoming the de facto ruler of the entire system, was the largest piece of evidence of the blessing. Gregory took a few deep gulps of air before he opened his mouth to speak again.

The warning finger wagged. The Prime Minister glanced at him with a mischievous smile before he shook his head. He began to pack away his tools. “Relax Gregory. There’s no need to be alarmed. Change is coming, but ultimately, I think it’ll be for the best. Please inform Admiral Zhon to stand down and to welcome our guests.” With a sigh, Gottfri climbed to his feet and stared at the sky. “My father has come for me.”
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Seated on his command throne, Irvin Ruel impassively listened as the reports filed in. One last ship had been claimed by the warp during translation into the target system. Compared to the total fleet's size, it was a minute payment for entry. For the price of one ship, three legions had successfully entered the system. Not just any three either. Out of the corner of his eye, Irvin could see one of the crewman's display showing ships belonging to the Second, the Sixth, and the Sixteenth legions. The entire Second Legion was here, called in from the various fronts to coalesce into a united whole. While only representing a small portion of their strengths, the Sixth and Sixteenth detachments contained some of the most powerful and famous ships of the Great Crusade, including the Vengeful Spirit and the Hrafnkel. It was another hint for the reason they had been brought here. Of the twenty legions, only two so far had been reunited with their lost Primarchs. Somewhere on those ships were the Primarchs Horus and Leman Russ. And, if the whispered rumors roaming the hallways were true, then a third had been found. By far, the biggest supporting evidence was the one ship dwarfing even the flagships of Horus and Russ. The Imperator Somnium, the personal flagship of the Emperor.

Thus, when the fleet had first been forged and brought together under the personal command of the Emperor, the rumors had started. The third primarch had been found and it was time to bring him back into the Imperium's fold. Irvin had done his best to contain the rumors. While it was certainly a possibility their father had been found, he saw no reason to raise the legion's hopes without some kind of evidence. The Emperor himself had never claimed to have found their primarch and when asked, didn't confirm they had found him. If there was no primarch to be found, it could hurt morale after inflating false hope.

Yet, as scans revealed the local fleet's size and strength, Irvin couldn't keep the rumors out of his own head. The local fleet was a mere fraction of theirs, and their largest warship was half the size of the Vengeful Spirit. Unless there was another purpose to this campaign, it was a waste to have so much of the Legiones Astartes concentrated here. "How quickly is the local fleet responding?"

Fleetmaster Themos answered as he studied the visual feeds, "In slow order. The fleet is dividing into three groups with escorts forming a screen. If I had to guess, my lord, I don't think they've ever prepared to combat a fleet of our size." The Fleetmaster had been recently promoted following his excellent performance in the Selecuid campaign. The man was void-born and marked by it by his unusual height. He was merely a head shorter than a space marine, but his thin frame made him appear almost two-dimensional when standing next to a marine.

Irvin frowned as he judged his possible adversaries. "Is our fleet in position?"

"Yes, my lord.The Luna Wolves have already formed their spearhead and are beginning their advance." The Fleetmaster glanced at him with his iron-colored eyes. "I fear we may not play much of a role after the Wolves finish their first strike if they don't accept compliance soon."

Before Irvin could reply, communications officer Daylen announced, "My lords, we are receiving a general message from the local fleet commander."

"Let's hear it," Themos commanded.

Throughout the bridge, a voice said, "This is High Admiral Zhon-Vrook Carde of the Delian Federation. We ask you to identify yourselves, and to halt any offensive maneuvers. We are prepared to stand down and are willing to negotiate as necessary."

One of the junior bridge officers snorted. "Negotiate? Someone can't count."

No one had a chance to say anything as the Emperor himself answered, his voice echoing throughout the entire Imperial fleet. "I am the Emperor, and have no desire to engage in hostilities. My only wish is to arrange for a meeting between myself and your head of state at the earliest convenience."
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Gregory waited impatiently as he relayed the avalanche of reports coming to him through his small communicator currently wrapped around his ear. The balding aide was under the distinct impression he was being ignored as the Prime Minister occasionally nodded, while he put the finishing touches on his uniform. Gregory glanced around the small ready room as his mouth instinctively spoke. Small was a relative word for this room and the rest of the mansion that was the personal home of Salim's Prime Minister. The ceiling, the walls, even the furniture were twice the size of their normal cousins on the rest of the planet. It had to be, for the Prime Minister was a giant, though he made sure there was plenty of normal-sized furniture to host the many leaders and guests he often met or entertained. Unfortunately, this room made no such accommodations for the rest of the humanity as this was Gottfri's personal ready room. A single large desk and chair were the only furniture, while most of the walls were decorated with weapons, pictures, and other keepsakes that supposedly enhanced the Prime Minister's creative desires on the days where he simply wanted to tinker.

Gregory took a moment to ignore his communicator as he asked his own question. "Sir, is it wise to choose your military uniform for this...event? You said there was nothing to fear."

"We don't," Gottfri reassured him as he finished pinning the last of his military awards, which covered both sides of his suit jacket with ribbons, seven-pointed stars, and medals. "But, until the unknown is cleared away, the people will fear this strange fleet coming towards us. They will want to know that they will be protected and what better way to show them then by physically reminding them that I am their Commander-in-Chief." The giant turned to the trusted aide. "Has the Senate convened?"

"Most of them, sir. Senators Myron and Senator Xiu haven't arrived, but their aides say they are only momentarily delayed."

"Good. Have my car waiting for me outside. I'll be leaving in a few minutes myself."

"Yes, Prime Minister," Gregory replied before hurrying out.

Alone and free of distractions, Gottfri turned his head toward the ceiling. With ease, his mind reached out and he left his ready room behind as he awareness flew through the atmosphere. As ordered, Zhon's fleet had stand down and was holding orbit above the planet. The thousands of human minds in the fleet were colored with fear, anxiety, surprise, and hope. With a thought, Gottfri passed through the fleet to study the far more interesting arrivals. Before him another sea of humanity slowly moved towards them. No. Not just humans. While there was humanity numbering in the millions stretched out before him, some of them were not quite human anymore. Thousands of minds were subtly different in a way that took Gottfri a few seconds to miss out. No fear. No hint of it. Fascinating.

And three minds stood out like stars in the enormous cloud of human thoughts and emotions. Well, two stars and a supernova. Gottfri thought about investigating the two smaller stars, but he recognized the mind of his Father. After several decades of not knowing who his true parent was, he allowed curiosity to focus on the golden power and he hurried to it.

Not yet, my son. All in good time.

Gottfri blinked and was surprised to see he was on the floor. The words. So few, and yet more than enough to 'gently' push him back into his body. No one had ever shown such power to him. Not even the strange xeno he had caught a decade ago. He climbed onto his feet as he analyzed the words again. He felt hints of amusement, a strong dose of determination and affection. Yet, he could detect a smidgen of disappointment. Without meaning to, he felt his second sight reaching into the future to determine the cause for the disappointment. He frowned and stopped himself. For all he knew, his Father would sense that as well and take offense to that. Still, he doubted his brush with his Father's mind was the cause of the disappointment, but what was it then?
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Off to a great start, I would say! So far, the story is a good read, can't wait to read the next part

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Salim, the capital of Delos, was originally a small town in the center of the western continent Maghādvīpa. Few events had occurred in this little spot of Delos throughout the ages of mankind, which is why Gottfri chose it upon uniting the world into a unified government. There was no old blood lingering beneath the foundation to spoil the peace he had crafted after a decade of hard work. In the span of a few years, the small town was transformed into the ideal metropolis, featuring the newest technological wonders the planet had to offer. And at the heart of this new city was the Senate. Utilizing a word from ancient Terra to satisfy Sindhuans, Hellasans, and the smaller represented cultures, it was here the representatives of the planet gathered to guide and vote upon the future of Delos. The building in which they met was a large dome a mile in diameter and divided into three rings. The outer ring featured in-door gardens, restaurants, rooms for solace, and other features that allowed Senators, aides, and governmental workers to relax and interact with the common man. The middle ring housed the numerous offices, libraries, and work stations where most of the daily work of running a government was done. In the center was a vast chamber shaped into an amphitheater with the stage replaced by a platform and a large desk fit only for a being the size of the Prime Minister. Each ring was separated by boundaries of increasing security the deeper one went into the Senatorial dome. Although a web of corridors, walkways, and paths spread throughout the dome, a single path existed that went straight from the southern entrance to the main chamber.

Today, two ranks of security personnel stood on both sides keeping the ever-growing crowd of people as Delos waited for its newest visitors to make their way down the road to the Senate proper. Gottfri waited with the Senate in the main chamber, for once, silent as he allowed the Senators whisper to one another. Normally, he kept a full awareness of each Senator's thoughts and desires. With his powerful perception, no Senator could ever hope of deceiving or conspiring against him. It saved the political process a great deal of time and effort that used to be wasted on such fools. No Senator was ever elected without first understanding that they would be sacrificing their privacy for their term of service. To be a public agent of the people, this was a small sacrifice. At least, in Gottfri's opinion.

With such an old habit, it was taking effort to not peer into the minds of the incoming visitors. His passive sense told him there were four parties coming in in a line. In front, the blazing power of his Father's mind led three others. From the tidbits he could sense, these three minds intrigue him. They reminded him of the strange, fearless minds he sensed among the fleet, yet were distinct from them. Behind his Father, he sensed another powerful mind, but bright in a more mundane way. Whoever this man was, he was perhaps as great as his own mind, but muted in psyonic powers. Four of the fearless ones marched with this mind, each of a different shade in attitude. Behind them was another great mind and three others....but that was all Gottfri could passively know. They felt covered as though a fog wrapped around themselves. Curious. But the last party of three individuals also intrigued Gottfri. No great mind there, but each of them were alighted with anticipation and joy to the point that Gottfri was eagerly awaiting to see the reason why.

It wouldn't be long. With precision and ceremony, the Senate guards reached out and open the Senate doors to welcome the self-proclaimed Emperor of Mankind.

Gottfri had mentally prepared himself for being in close proximity to his Father's powerful mind. He had not been prepared for His sheer physical presence. When the doors opened, the Emperor stood towering and radiant in golden armor of incredible complexity. It was like the power and brightness of a star had been condensed into a single being. After a momentary pause, the Emperor strode forward, attended by three warriors in golden armor carrying pole arms with guns attached to the shafts. Taking a moment to distract himself from the walking sun, Gottfri peered into the minds of his Senators. All worry, fear, and anger had evaporated and been replaced with awe. Simple, profound awe. If the Emperor had asked of them to resign their positions and come serve him, Gottfri had no doubt that he would be left with an empty chamber. As the Emperor came forward, Gottfri managed to glimpse the rest of the retinue entering the chamber.

The first third of the retinue was a giant bald man clad in heavy power armor of white with gold edgings. Throughout the front of the armor, gold-and-red eyes stared outward and a large furry pelt covered his back. Were it not for the Emperor, this being would be the most resplendent in the room, exuding command and charisma to out-match Gottfri's. The giant wore a smile as he glanced around the room before focusing on Gottfri. Four soldiers in white-and-black armor formed a crescent moon behind him, the tallest of them wearing a topknot and a burning smolder of a personality. Even now, this soldier amused himself by forming plans of attack against Gottfri and his Senators.

The next third was led by the last giant who wore armor of grey adorned with a giant wolf's head and talismans across the armor, which reminded Gottfri of the few remaining southern tribes where they still worshiped ancient animal spirits. This giant did not shine like the Emperor or wear a mantle leadership like the other, but instead wore unapologetic physical power. It looked like the giant was holding back a furious explosion that was waiting to unleash against his hapless enemies. The giant wore a scowl as he stared at Gottfri, naked displeasure aimed like a spear at him. The warriors around him wore the same same tribal look over their advanced armors. One individual by the giant's side wore an open helmet curving around his head and carried a staff. The strange psionic fog emanated from him.

Gottfri pushed him from his mind as the last group entered the chamber.
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It was no small annoyance that Irvin Ruel felt his discipline threatening to break. His instructions were clear, handed down from the Emperor himself. He and two other legionnaires of his choice were to form a diplomatic party and join the Emperor in a first contact scenario. A simple mission. Simple were it not for the fact that the other members included the Emperor, Horus, and Leman Russ. To be in the presence of the Emperor alone would be one of the highest honors a space marine could achieve. To be in the Emperor's presence and the only two primarchs was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Add in the possibility that his own gene-father was waiting for him at the end of this road left Irvin nearly overwhelmed. Although they hid it well, he knew his companions were struggling as much as he was to maintain their discipline.

To his left was Immanzeul Kant, the legion's most powerful psyker after Yeshie's demise. Unlike the former Master of the Legion who had a wide mastery of powers, Kant was more focused, limiting himself to three of the psychic disciplines to specialize in. One of them was telepathy, and Irvin could only imagine what the psyker was enduring as he walked behind the three most powerful beings in the galaxy, while the monstrous crowd closed around them. Yet, Kant marched with steady purpose with them. On his right was Jorg Cavso, the best of their champions. No other had survived the lethal whirlwind of close combat as much as he had. It was not without cost. Jorg's left Beneath his power armor was a web of scars hinting at how close to death he had come, but with such experience none could match his skill with the maul. His infamous maul was missing today as their only armament allowed was a bolt pistol and a combat knife. The way his fingers occasionally twitched, Irvin knew it was missed.

Regardless, they maintained their place behind the Wolves as they marched into the large domed building. Every step heightened their anticipation as they neared the two large doors at the end of the road. When they opened, Irvin resisted the urge to lean over so he could see past the enormous forms of Russ and Horus. By the Emperor, may our search come to an end.

He knew it wasn't so, but it felt as though their pace slowed as Horus entered. It felt slower still as Russ passed through the doors. As the last of the Wolves entered, the inner chamber came into view. Time switched its moods as suddenly events went faster. In a few short steps, Irvin and his companions entered the chamber. Before them in the center of the chamber stood a primarch. Their primarch. Even without Kant's mental investigation, Irvin knew that the Primarch of the II Legion was found. Standing erect in a black dress uniform, he wore a confident smile even as the Emperor stood before him. With bright red, short hair, their gene-father turned his attention toward them. His smile broadened as though he already knew they were his sons. Irvin had never before felt such elation.

As they came to a halt behind the wolves, the Emperor spoke. "Alexandros Darshan VonSalim, Prime Minister of the Delian Federation and Commander-in-Chief of her military power, I greet you as the Emperor of the Imperium and as your Father. It is my dearest wish that you and your world join me."

Gottfri inwardly twitched. It was a small issue, but he sensed something large behind it. Of course, he wouldn't have shown his disquiet outwardly. One of the first lessons of politics he'd learned from his mortal father was self-control and how to present oneself. A simple yet powerful lesson, especially here. Not only did his true Father stand before him with the entire Senate, above them was a flock of recorders, cameras, and news personnel as they observed and telegraphed the proceedings here to the entire world. All it required was a minute exertion of his will, but a thought whispered, Why didn't he use my first name?

As a child, Gottfri had been discovered at the base of a mountain on the eastern continent of Asu. It was Vitrion, a local magistrate, who found, named, and raised him. When Gottfri had accomplished world unity, he had discarded his last name, while giving himself three more. Darshan was to appease and connect with the Sindhuans of the West. Gottfri and VonSalim were two names he had discovered when he read about ancient Terra in Delos' most ancient library. He had taken them because they're linguistic and cultural roots didn't exist on Delos. It was a sign that while he identified with all people of Delos, he was a neutral unifier who refused to play favorites, even among the people he had grown up with. Ever since that day, those two were the names he wore in public. Is my name offensive to him?

After his opening statement, the Emperor proceeded to give a speech. It lasted thirty minutes. As it ended, Gottfri knew one thing.

Delos belonged to the Imperium.

Not one man, woman, or child who had watched the broadcast could possibly refuse the Emperor's desire. What had taken Gottfri six years of careful calculation and hard work was accomplished by the Emperor in half an hour. When the Emperor finished speaking, eight Senators immediately stood to propose Delos' compliance. The proposal seconded by a second wave of Senators. Before the Prime Minister could enact the official sanction of the vote, the rest of the Senators rose and declared, "Yea!" Gottfri smiled and knew he need not fear a painful transition for Delos. It was exactly what he wanted when the first vision appeared to him three weeks ago.
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The Senate's decision was quick and simple. The actual process of compliance was a much longer affair as thousands of Imperial ships made planetfall. In a matter of weeks, technology of Delos would be advanced by decades, a deficiency that had plagued earlier efforts at fighting off xenos raiders. Lasguns would replace their stub guns, warp technology would allow them to chase raiders outside of their system, and new medical technologies would allow them to combat the various poisons and chemicals the repulsive xenos often employed against them for their twisted motives.

Although Gottfri had won a major victory against them four years ago, he knew he had defeated one faction among many. One of his political cards was to remind Delians that they had no guarantee they wouldn't return. Unity would lead to a much stronger defense against their foes. And now, they had the power to fend them off and destroy them if they desired.

Yet, these weapons pale in comparison to these, he thought as he studied the men assembled before him. No, not men. Astartes. Legiones Astartes. The process of Compliance was now on automatic, allowing Gottfri to invite his Father, and his two brothers, to his home.

After a brief tour of his home, they now stood on the back patio of the mansion. While they were inside, another group of Astartes had assembled here. As Gottfri stood above them, he took a moment to enjoy their excitement and pride as they waited for him to speak. These Space Marines would become familiar faces to him as they represented the upper echelons of the II Legion. His Legion. His sons. I have a much larger family now, Gottfri thought to himself with a smile. But one issue had to be resolved before he greeted his sons. Without turning toward him, Gottfri 'spoke'. Father. My name, must I not use it?

No, Alexandros. Gottfri is a name that is ill-suited to you now. Much like how you required the Delians to forsake their petty quarrels to be given a greater purpose, you too must cast away that name as you ascend to your true purpose. It is a small sacrifice, my son, and one you will not regret.

Alexandros briefly wondered why Gottfri was the only name he was losing, but after being separated from his true father for a decade, he was willing to trust him on this. The mental conversation concluded in half a second. Taking a step forward, Alexandros shouted, "My sons! I cannot express my joy on this day of happy reunions. While I knew the Emperor was approaching, what a happy surprise it was for me to learn that I have brothers and sons to share in my happiness. From this day forward, may we never be parted as we partake in our greatest mission: to rescue Terra's lost children and protect them against those who would harm us! We will form the line against evil. We will be the shield of the Imperium. We will be the wardens, watching over our charges as we ward away the darkness! My sons, are you with me?"

In one voice, his legionaries shouted, "FOR THE EMPEROR AND ALEXANDROS!"
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You don't read much about the missing legions. So far you've been doing a good job and I look forward to more.

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Before Alexandros could step forward, the Emperor mentally spoke with him.

My son, your Praetor and nine others will accompany you to Terra. There I will teach and prepare you for being a true master of a legion. You may pick the other nine. I will take my leave of you now and will see you again on Terra. Your brothers will remain here and in orbit for another day before returning to the Great Crusade. Good-bye, my son. I eagerly look forward to your training.

Not much of a good-bye in human terms, but the words were carefully wrapped with pride, happiness, and anticipation. Alexandros turned and smiled. I as well, Father. With a deep nod, the Emperor walked toward his brothers. After a quick round of words, the Emperor strode toward the mansion, while the other two primarchs approached him. Although Alexandros was eager to learn and interact with his sons, the amount of his time with his brothers would be more limited. Best if I take advantage of it while I can.

Formal introductions had been made quickly earlier, so Alexandros knew their names. Now, it was time to learn much more. With an easy smile, he hailed them, "Greetings Horus Lupercal, Leman Russ."

To his simple greeting, Horus a bald giant in white heavy plate armor returned his own smile. Even without the sophisticated thick armor, Alexandros could tell that Horus was easily a head taller and broader than he was. "Well met, Alexandros. It's good to finally meet another one of our lost brothers. For awhile, I thought it would just be me and Russ here," Horus said as he offered an open hand. He leaned forward and said in a faux-conspiratorial whisper, "And between you and me, I wasn't sure how much longer I could take the smell."

"I can hear hear you," Leman grunted, eliciting a chuckle out of Horus. With the humor, Horus didn't seem nearly overwhelming in force of personality. The majesty was still there, a pale yet strong reflection of the glory their mutual Father radiated. But now he seemed very approachable.

Alexandros chuckled with Horus before reaching out to shake the offered hand. Three inches before he shook it, he noticed the slight surprise on Horus' face. To be fair to Horus, it was extremely subtle, a three millimeter twitch of his right eyebrow. To a human, it was imperceptible. To Alexandros, it was obvious. He fought against temptation for a moment before he allowed his 'third eye' to open. Futures spread out in front of his sight. He quickly limited it to the next twenty seconds and searched for the future that explained Horus' reaction. In a third of a second, he found it.

His smile still in place, he reached past Horus' hand and gripped his wrist. "I see I have much to learn."

"You seem to be a fast learner," Horus grinned before they gave each other a firm shake and released.

"It'll take more than learning how to properly greet warriors to be a master of the legion," Leman growled as he stepped forward into Alexandros' personal bubble, forcing him to look up into his eyes. His fur-coated brother was taller than Horus by a few centimeters and offered none of the easy diplomacy as he bared his teeth at Alexandros. While Leman's body odor was fine, something laced his aggressive brother's breath. Alexandros suspected alcohol, but if so, it was a brew far more powerful than he knew existed.

It was the first time anyone had tried to imitate him. Alexandros admitted, if nothing else, the experience was rather novel. "I'm sure you're right, my brother. And I look forward to learning all I can. Would you be willing to offer me a few quick lessons?"
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Sounds like Alexandros is about to get his nose broke by Leman Russ. I mean, the Wolf likes to lead by example, after all.

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Leman Russ chuckled, an animalistic, menacing sound. "Let's see if this baubles on you actually mean something. If you're going to be leading a legion, you'll need to be ready to get your own hands dirty." He smacked a large fist into his other palm. "Think you can handle a real fight?"

Alexandros grinned up at him. "Ready when you are."

A throaty laugh erupted from Leman's throat. "So, there's some fire in you. Then let's get started. Horus, you referee. I'll need somebody to keep me from leaving any permanent damage on him."

A groan answered Leman, yet Horus merely took a few steps back and waited on them. The honor guards of the three legions represented had broken ranks and started to form a circle around the two combatants. Leman wasted no time preparing for the fight as he began removing his armor. "I'll not have anyone say I had a handicap," he grunted as he quickly shed the suit. Opting to only remove his suit's jacket and shirt, Alexandros made a show of it, slowly removing the two items with exaggerated care worthy of an arrogant Senator. "Chapter Master Ruel? If you'd please?"

Leman snorted at the performance, while the current Legion Master stepped forward to receive the clothing. Without trying, Alexandros could feel the worry and curiosity radiating from who was to be his right-hand man. Er, transhuman. Have faith, my son. I am no stranger to combat. The reassurance accomplished a little, though Irvin did momentarily freeze when Alexandros 'spoke'.

Yes, my lord.

By the time Irvin was back at the edge of the circle, Leman stood in a body glove that spared no expense in detailing the Wolf King's many muscles. "Finished yet, or do you need another moment to pretty yourself up?"

Alexandros took a moment to 'ponder' his answer before saying, "I believe I am ready. What are the terms?"

"Simple," Leman declared as he brought up his fists. "We fight until one surrenders or can't fight."

"And get thrown out of the ring?" Alexandros suggested, his pose still relaxed. He thought he had read that somewhere concerning ancient Terran sparring regulations.

A grunt answered him. "Aye, if you insist on it, but I'll not be hearing your mewling if I accidentally kick you out."

"Fair enough." A simple rule that Darshan wouldn't normally have bothered with...until he felt the faintest sensation at the back of his mind. His confident grin shining brightly, Darshan brought up his fists in front of his face.

Then, his vision split twofold.

Physically, Alexandros stared at Leman as they waited for Horus to begin the bout. In his mind's eye, he peered into an ocean of possibilities.

An Angel descended from the sky to stand in front of him under a cloudless sky.

Gears whirred as a large suit of armor lifted a shield to block a laser beam.

Steaming liquid waited in a dainty, white cup before him.

With an exertion of his will, the ocean shrunk to a pond. His eidectic memory wouldn't let him to truly forget, but Alexandros pushed the visions to the back of his mind. None of them 'felt' like they would come to pass in the next few years. Visions that far along were always of dubious value, far too many factors could render them worthless as far as practicality. Perhaps when the time passed, he might look back on them as curiosities of what-could-be. For now, he needed to know what the various paths were for the next few minutes. He doubted their duel would last any longer than that.

Horus started to raise his arm.

Both Alexandros and Leman exploded into mobs of themselves as all of the potential futures played out in his mind. As he watched, he saw himself defeated once, twice, thrice, and more so as time went on. One Alexandros had tried to feint left before delivering kick. He ended with his face crashing against the ground. Another one waited for Leman to make the first move. He was surprised at the Wolf King's incredible speed as Leman blitzed into him, the force throwing Alexandros off his feet.

Horus' arm stopped at its apex.

Need more information. Darshan had yet to find a future where he won. His brother had the gifts of experience and superior corporal prowess. The Wolf King knew how to use these gifts well. But no one is perfect. Given enough time, Darshan knew he could find one future where he won, but that time was running out. Let's try something more risky.

Horus' arm began to fall.

Alexandros' consciousness expanded before forming a thin line, aimed at Leman's head. With more caution and subtlety than he'd ever used, Alexandros sent the probe forward. He waited for the eventual wall of a psionic defense line as evidenced by the early haziness. To his surprise, the probe reached Leman's mind with only some difficulty and created the connection he sought. A flood of memories not his own filled his consciousness before Alexandros mentally slowed the rush and organized them.

Horus' arm was halfway down.

Memories of fights, battles, and wars provided the information Alexandros wanted. He knew the true capabilities of the Wolf King better than Leman did. He also made a discovery. The fight wasn't what Leman wanted. The image of a belligerent barbarian was just that. An image, a mask, a persona that Leman wore. His challenge was a test, a way for Leman to learn more about his new brother. A fight would help, but Leman had been more curious if Alexandros would talk his way out of it. While a simple polite 'no' wouldn't have been insulting, Leman had been looking for something more cunning. With all of this new information, Darshan found the future to victory.

Horus' arm completed its fall. The entire motion of raising and throwing his arm down had taken 2.6 seconds.

Alexandros was ready.
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Gargant Hunting

Well then, I guess Alexandros' nose goes unbroken. I do hope one of my favorite primarchs doesn't get too hurt after this, if things go the way Alexandros wants them to.

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[This is ahead of schedule, but since you've been so eager to see the results, I'll spoil you this time BlackJack.]

The moment the fight began, Alexandros shot forward. Only two others could see the blur charging towards the Wolf King. Alexandros threw two fast jabs aimed at Leman's solar plexus. To Horus' surprise, they connected. The two were rendered visible to their sons as the fight hit a pause. Both Wolves and II legionnaires shouted encouragement to their respective Primarchs, while the Wolves also hooted and hollered out insults aimed at the new Primarch.

Leman grunted, "Is that it?" Not bothering to hear a reply, he kicked. Darshan partially dodged as the leg skimmed him with enough force to throw him back several paces. The Wolf King was on him, ferocious fists attacking. Darshan narrowly sidestepped the first blow which destroyed the marble walkway beneath him. Horus watched as his new brother was forced on the defense, attempting to slide around the Wolf King's assault. But no matter how quickly Alexandros moved, he earned another scrape, another scratch and was worn further down. His expression moved closer and closer to desperation as he couldn't find the space to counter Leman's offensive. In Horus' mind, Alexandros was due some credit. Not once did he try to absorb a head-on blow, which could instantly knock him out of the circle. And he was doing a commendable job of keeping up with Leman, something Horus struggled with himself.

Then one of Leman's kicks caught just enough of Alexandros' shin that he lost his footing and fell to one knee. It's over. Leman's fist was ready as it shot forward for the finishing blow against Alexandros' face. It never connected. Moving faster than he had for the entire fight, Alexandros caught his arm. He twisted and pulled and the Wolf King slammed into the ground. A lightning-fast fist smashed into his temple and Leman fought off unconsciousness. With a snarl, his trapped arm reversed and gripped Alexandros arm. In a flash, his opponent went limp as Leman pulled. Using Leman's own strength, Alexandros allowed himself to be thrown. As his body flew forward, his leg snapped forward combining both his and Leman's strength. The Wolf King saw it and moved his head. But then the foot seemed to teleport and connected with his nose. With a crack, everyone could hear the organ break.

Horus quirked an eyebrow, unsure of what he just saw. Was that sheer speed?

Alexandros turned his fall into a roll and was back on his feet in a second. Leman was already charging him, blood streaming out of his nose. This time, the Primarch was like water as he flowed around Leman's attacks. Frustration and anger built within the Wolf King. Then he saw it. An opening in Alexandros' defense that would last a fraction of a second. All I need. With a roar, Leman punched, his fist connecting with Alexandros' right eye. His opponent's head jerked back as he went flying back. Leman's satisfaction was ruined when Darshan's legs wrapped around his arm. For the second time in his life, Leman felt his feet leave the ground as Alexandros turned his attack into a flip before throwing Leman into the air. With a wordless howl, Leman crashed into his Wolves and out of the ring.

Not using that eye for a couple of days. Were it not for his enhanced physique and healing, Alexandros had no doubt that he would've lost the eye in its entirety to that last punch. But it was worth it. While he sent his brother flying, he had completed his flip and was on his feet. He spun around as he briefly went over his plan again. To try the Wolf King, he had to slow down his reaction speed exactly .26 seconds. Any faster or slower and the Wolf King would've seen through his ruse, denying him the opportunity to catch Leman off-guard both times.

He watched as Leman untangled himself from his sons, knowing he might have another second or two. Behind him, the marines of the II Legion were shouting boasts and praising him, which earned them a smile and a wink from his undamaged eye. Now to secure the true victory. Throwing on his cockiest grin and placing his fists on his hips, he waited. Leman didn't disappoint as he practically threw his sons off before storming up to Alexandros, blood spilling down his beard. "If you think that's enough to -."

"Claim victory? Are you telling me that your honor is so little that you can change the rules whenever they aren't going your way?" Alexandros shot back. He didn't wait as he pressed on. "Fine, have it your way. I can go again and I'll beat you so soundly that there'll be no debate!" He ended his little speech by slamming his fist into his palm. With enough speed and force to create a small thunderclap.

The Wolf King glowered down at him before cracking a grin. In a moment, deep laughter guffawed from his lips as he stepped forward. "This one has spirit, Horus. We'll make him a legion master, yet." He said as he slapped Alexandros on the back. The smaller Primarch had to catch himself from falling forward. "Come, with only a day to us, we should celebrate finding our new brother. I invite all of you above the Hrafnkel, where I'll give you a taste of what a legion ship is like. And a taste of mjod."

Alexandros glanced skyward before looking back at Leman. "Sounds tasty."

A groan came from Horus. "Prepare to be surprised.
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Gargant Hunting

Excellently done and I appreciate the spoiling you have done, I also like the portrayal of Horus, he actually comes off as a nice guy. I don't have much information on the great crusade or HH, having not read any books from the HH or anything. (It sounded like a hit and miss series) So this is pretty cool for me to see the primarchs instead of hearing about them.

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The Horus Heresy novels are good, for the most part. Some are awesome, a few are fails. I'd definitely give it a read.

The Great Crusade, especially the early years, is a very different beast from the Heresy and the later years of the Great Crusade. Humanity is only getting bigger and better. The Emperor is intimately involved with its execution. And, it's going to be a few decades before we start learning that some Primarchs aren't quite what Humanity expected. It's a fascinating time. I'm curious what you'll think of my portrayal of the Emperor. But that will wait until the proper time.
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Gargant Hunting

Yeah, I don't suppose any books are out there about the Great Crusade? I would love to give those a read. But yeah, I'm excited to see where this will go.

Irishpeacockz-Blackjack needs a pay raise for being the welcomer to the crusade
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Purely about the Great Crusade? I suspect the only one would be Horus Rising.
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Gargant Hunting

Alright, thanks. I have to expand my horizons to include the HH series, even if some are a bit of a fail. The heresy is one of the most important parts of the IoM's history, and I would love to read about the primarchs first hand, like I mentioned before.

Irishpeacockz-Blackjack needs a pay raise for being the welcomer to the crusade
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Chapter 1: Home Away From Home

Alexandros massaged his temples to add further discouragement against the headache that now resided in his skull. Horus wasn't kidding. Mjod should be re-classified as a toxic weapon.

"My lord?"

Ah, yes, I suppose I have to get used to hearing my new title, he thought to himself as he regarded Captain Thoren Bosowski. Technically, Alexandros' rank as High Lord of the II Legion superseded Thoren's rank, but Alexandros had reassured the man that as a newcomer to the Imperium he valued the Captain's knowledge and experience. "Yes, Captain?" He replied with a warm smile.

Standing at two meters even, Captain Bosowski cut a lean figure, a side effect to have living all of his life on starships. He shifted uneasily as Alexandros regarded him. "Are you well, my lord?"

After being in the presence of both Russ and Horus, Alexandros had momentarily forgotten that he too exuded his own natural aura on people. All three of them radiated command and power, but it was different in subtle ways. Russ was a physical hurricane about to be unleashed, while Horus embodied regal splendor. On the other hand, Alexandros had been told (and read minds) that he exuded an aura of tranquil benevolence. Despite whatever struggles hunted them in their daily lives, people would forget them when around him. Originally, Alexandros thought people naturally trusted him because of the nature of his breed. After meeting his brothers, he now knew that aura was his alone.

From his physical manners, the Primarch could tell that Theron wasn't wholly at ease with this effect. "I am, thank you for asking. Just a leftover from last night's celebration with my brothers."

The Imperial Captain struggled with the answer. "I... was not aware that a Primarch could be...intoxicated."

Alexandros chuckled. "Neither was I."

Before their conversation continued, a familiar face entered the bridge. Alexandros gave a bright smile to Pyrrhicles as the man marched over to where he, Theron, and Irvin stood. "Come to bid your farewell?" the Primarch inquired.

The native had been Alexandros' third in command of the Delian Army. Matching his rank, Pyrrhicles was an older gentleman, easing into his fifties. Short, grey hair held strong against balding, while experienced blue eyes surveyed the unfamiliar bridge. He was tall for a human and broad-shouldered, wearing simple off-duty robes. Pyrrhicles glanced at him and at the viewport. Currently, it was locked on Delos. "Yes, my lord. It's a harder price than I originally thought it would be."

"A small price for the honor you are being shown," Irvin countered from the other side of Alexandros.

Upon his announcement that he would be leaving Delos and joining his Father on the Great Crusade, the people of Delos had reacted with a general mixture of pride and grief. They would be losing the giant who had united and protected them, but any glory won by him would be glory for Delos. All knew he would shine like a bright star in the Great Crusade. Still, others had voiced different opinions and thoughts. Many Delian soldiers wished to fight on with him and the Imperial Army was soon to receive a large influx of personnel.

Yet, Pyrrhicles hadn't been satisfied with becoming a member of the Imperial Army. No, he desired nothing less then to continue serving his Command-in-Chief by his side as a legionnaire. While his past records of military skill and experience was exceptional, simple old age proved it impossible for him to become a true Astartes. With zealotry that had marked him an asset on the battlefield, Pyrrhicles hadn't given up, personally appealing to Alexandros for some way for him to serve. Won over by his subordinate's passion, Alexandros asked Horus if there was anything that could be done before his elder brother departed. Horus offered a solution: a series of bionic implementations and gene-therapy would create a facsimile of legionhood. After thanking Horus, Alexandros invited Pyrrhicles to join him. Pyrrhicles had accepted.

"One of the highest honors," Pyrrhicles agreed. "And one that I'll be forever indebted to you, my lord. Yet, I still want one more look at my homeworld."

Alexandros nodded before turning his attention onto Theron. "Are we ready to be on our way, Captain?"

A curt nod was his answer. "On your command, my lord."

The Primarch fixed his gaze on Delos. "Make it so."
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The vibrant planet steadily shrank as the Iron Griffin, an Eclipse-class light cruiser, sped away. For once, Alexandros tuned out the scene around him and simply watched. So ends my life's first chapter. In 58 years, I've accomplished more than most men could hope to do in a lifetime. And I am immune to the touch of Time itself. What will the future bring now, I wonder? The temptation hovered next to him. To extend his vision forward and see for himself, but Alexandros had learned early on that the future was not set in stone, and the possibilities outnumbered the stars once he ventured past a few years. No man, Astartes, or Primarch truly knows his fate.

Before him, Delos was a distant blue-and-green blip that he doubted others could still perceive.

"Beginning warp translation."

With silence, the image ended as the feed was cut off. For where they were going, no good would come from physical navigation.

"My lord?" Alexandros turned his attention toward Pyrrhicles. "I must prepare for the first sessions, and it sounds like I'll be spending most of my time in the medical facilities for the voyage. So, I think I'll have to good-bye for the time being."

Alexandros nodded. "You'll be in some of the finest medical hands the Imperium has to offer. We will meet again," he finished as he offered his hand.

Pyrrhicles shook it, though his hand was the size of an infant's compared to the Primarch's. "Is that one of your predictions, my lord?"

A wink was his answer.

After Pyrrhicles had departed, Alexandros addressed Captain Bosowski. "I will be leaving the bridge as well. Please keep me informed of our progress as necessary."

"Yes, my lord."

The Primarch turned his attention on Irvin. "Chapter Master Ruel, if you would accompany me."

"Of course, my lord," Irvin answered with a nod.

Although he had only been shown the ship's schematics once, Alexandros recalled every door and hallway with perfect clarity, effortlessly leading Irvin to his temporary quarters. When initial arrangements were being made, it had been expected for the Primarch to make the visit home in one of the Storm Rider's battle barges. Alexandros immediately protested, saying that such a warship would be needed more for his sons to prosecute the Great Crusade and desired a smaller and faster ship. The Iron Griffin not only fit his requirements, but was in need of an overhaul to begin with, which could be accomplished at the Martian shipyards. Captain Bosowski had been most surprised to learn of his valuable passenger and offered his personal cabin for the voyage's duration. That too Alexandros politely declined before he located an empty midshipman's quarters and took them as his cabin.

As such, Alexandros had to nearly double over before he could step into the small cabin. Three bunks had been brought in and arranged to fit the Primarch's size. The only other room's pieces were a couple of chairs and a small but organized mountain of dataslates. The moment the door was closed upon them, Alexandros pointed at the larger of the chairs. "Please, have a seat Irvin. My apologies, do you mind if I address you by your first name?" he asked as he sat down on the beds.

"No, my lord," Ruel replied before he sat down in the chair. The chair was made with the dimensions of an space marine in mind, but even then, he was eye-level with his gene-sire.

"Good, and, so long as we are in a private atmosphere, I insist that you call me Alex," Alexandros declared with a warm smile.

Ruel, after decades of war, had been given a few strange orders. Yet, this last one, to call one of the sons of the Emperor himself, by such a casual name may have been the strangest and distinctly left him uncomfortable. "If you truly insist upon it, my lord."

An expectant smile was his answer.

"Er, I mean, Alex."
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Gargant Hunting

I love that the primarch actually wants to be treated as an equal, and doesn't seem to act like his above his men, even though he can achieve things even his own astartes cannot.

Irishpeacockz-Blackjack needs a pay raise for being the welcomer to the crusade
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"Don't worry," Alexandros said as he leaned back against the bulkhead. "You'll get used to it in time. Now, I realize we have much to cover as far as the legion goes, but I want to focus on you for a moment. I'd like to know more about you."

Irvin straightened up in his seat. "Of course...Alex. My name is Irvin Ruel, Chapter Master of the Storm Riders, the IInd Legion. My military service began in 763 when I was recruited from the Jermani state and accepted into the Legiones Astartes a few months later after entering into a trial program. My first assignment was a tactical squad in VIth company. My first battle was the Battle of Portsmith, which was the beginning of the Albyon campaign. I was promoted to Sergeant three days before the end of the campaign for a combination of exemplary service and heroics during the Siege of Londinvinium."

With patience and attentiveness, the Primarch listened as his son continued to briefly cover the rest of his military career, including every promotion, every award, and every major campaign participated in. When Irvin finally reached the end, Alexandros smiled. "You've had a long and full service, my son. I am proud to have such an able soldier at my side."

Whether it was his genetics or his father's natural aura, Irvin could feel a wave of pride washing over him, filling him. "Thank you...Alex."

"I should be thanking you, Irvin," Alexandros replied. "You have fought well and kept my sons away from military disasters. Very remarkable. But, I'd like to know more about you, Irvin."

Confusion mixed in with the pride. "Er, excuse me, sir?"

"You are more than a service record, Irvin," Alex began. "I want to know more about you as a person. What are your dreams? How do you relax? What is your favorite color? Why as a Lord Commander and Praetor, do you prefer to fight on the front lines? These are the things I'd like to know."

"I understand," Irvin replied slowly. "My only dream is to serve the Imperium and win glory for my legion. If I wish to clear my head, I'll enter the sparring arenas. I don't have a favorite color. I lead from the front because that is where I can control the flow of battle, at the edge of my claws. I am both the most senior leader and warrior on any battlefield I deploy on. It also happens to be the place where I can win the most glory, in close combat. If I did not lead from there, how can I ask any of my brothers to do the same?" After a pause, Irvin hesitantly said, "Alex, I'm not sure you understand what it means to be a legionnaire. We are not like mortal men and their common aspirations and traits. We are transhuman warriors."

"Transhuman?" Alex repeated slowly, tasting the word. "There is some truth to what you say, Irvin. You and my sons have become more than human. Your size, the equipment you use, and I've noticed that fear does not seem to have a presence within the legions. That much is true. Yet, even the word 'transhuman' still has 'human' in it. If my sons are transhuman, than how much farther away am I from Humanity? Yet, even I still feel many of the same urges that the Delians felt. A desire to belong, a desire to be with my family. Emotions? With the exception of fear, I've felt the rest: happiness, worry, misery, serenity. We may be different variations of Humanity, but we are still human nonetheless. I can honestly say today is my favorite day of my life because I got to meet my Father, I got to meet my brothers. I even got to beat up one of my older brothers, and have him accept me! I understand if you don't sympathize with that, but trust me. Most younger brothers would have loved to have been in my place during that moment."

With a grin, Alex looked around the room. "If I chose to, I could learn how this ship works in an hour. I could learn all of the intricacies behind the technology that allows us to travel through the warp in a week. And yet," he said as he looked back at Irvin. "My people, the Delians, were still teaching me new things after being their leader for years. My son, if there's one lesson I want you to learn, is that never underestimate Humanity."
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A moment passed as Alexandros allowed his words time to find root. He watched as Irvin absorbed them and deliberated on them, his son's eyes looking and not-looking at him. Soon, his son nodded, "I will abide by your wisdom on this, Alex and meditate on this."

Alex smiled even as he privately acknowledged that Irvin would probably need more time and experience before he accepted this one truth. "Of course. I do apologize, Irvin. I did not invite you to a conversation to discomfort you, so I offer the next topic to be of your choosing." Alex spread out his hands with a casual distance of five feet between them and his torso. "Whatever you want to speak of, you need only say."

"Then, I would like to debrief on your legion, Alex," Irvin replied with no hesitation.

Alex nodded for him to begin.

"Since you will not be taking direct control of the legion immediately, I believe that you don't desire legionnaire numbers and disposition yet. However, I confess, Alex, we have a serious situation that is affecting the Storm Riders as a whole."

Alex quirked an eyebrow. "What situation?"


Alexandros chuckled. "Were it not for our conversation, I'd think you might have some talent as a storyteller. You, at least, know some of the basics of timing." He waved his hand onward. "Sorry, please continue. What madness?"

Hiding a frown, Irvin replied, "Since we've embarked on the Great Crusade, thousands of legionnaires have been struck by various mental illnesses to different degrees. The worst ones have turned on our own men, killing them before being contained or eliminated. Some legionnaires are coping and are still able to serve, however many of the cases have had to be retired from active duty. At the other extreme, we've had legionnaires who've become completely catatonic. I've done what I can to minimize the publicity of incidents, but our reputation has still suffered. While no one knows how high the numbers actually are, the Imperium is aware that there are incidents, and we've been under special scrutiny."

The Primarch's smile had shrunk, but not completely gone away. "The cause?"

"It is either the psykers or an error in our gene-seed. I am inclined to believe it is the psykers," Irvin explained. "They can be tied to every single case that has occured."
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"Have there been no issues with the gene-seeds?"

Irvin paused. "Not...officially, Alex. Other legions have shown unusual traits. The most extreme case has been the XVth legion's flesh-change. Because of the flesh-change, the entire legion no longer participates in the Great Crusade, however, it hasn't been conclusively proven that it is their gene-seed behind the flaw. A few of the other legions undergo minor physical or behavioral changes, but nothing as debilitating. This is why I am inclined to believe it has something to do with the psykers. No other legion is suffering from instabilities in their gene-seed, while the XVth legion, which has a vast psyker contingent, is the only one suffering from effects that are more crippling than our own."

With a slow nod, Alex replied, "Well, it looks like I have a bit more homework to do." He gestured to the stack of dataslates. "Is there a detailed report already compiled?"

"No, Alex. I can have one prepared for you within twenty-three hours," Irvin said.

Alex didn't need any telepathic abilities to see the eagerness effusing from his son. "The sooner, the better. Would it also be possible to send some of my afflicted sons to me on Terra? I wish to examine them firsthand."

"You need only give the command, my lord, I mean Alex." Irvin stood. "I can have them sent to out in less than an hour. If you'll excuse me?"

"Of course." Alex held out his hand. "Irvin, I'm glad we were able to talk. I am pleased with your service."

With nurtured pride, Irvin energetically shook the massive hand. "I live to serve the Imperium, Alex." He strode to the door and hesitated. Glancing back, he asked, "Alex, do you think you'll be able to heal them?"

With a smile, Alex shrugged. "I don't think I have to say I will give it my best attention, but I will say that even if it is a problem beyond my understanding, I don't think it will be beyond Father's power."
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Gargant Hunting

I'm curious if this is the problem that makes the 2nd legion get wiped, but it sounds minor compared to the 1k Sons flaws. Maybe it will get worse? Anyway, great job with the story, it's interesting to have a not grimdark primarch, but then again, the Great Crusade isn't really as grimdark as 40k is.

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Chapter 2: Growing Family

Adalbard took a moment to knock on the prefab facility's main entrance. Surprise awaited him when he heard no answer, even though his summons had proscribed the very minute had had arrived at. It was not like Alexandros to waste his time or to make a fool of others for his amusement. He hesitated before he stepped inside.

Designed to be a temporary housing unit for a Primarch, it was a surreal experience for the Chaplain, who towered over mortals, to walk into a building where the furniture towered over him. The walls were filled with dozens of sketches, both of technical plans and artistic ones. Tables lined beneath them, holding an academy's diversity of items and relics dedicated to all areas of learning. Over there, a dataslate on Ork physiology. Over here, a political treatise dated to the 23rd millennium. It was as though his gene-father was trying to absorb all the knowledge the Imperium could offer in the span of days.

Upon entering the main room, he found Alexandros sitting across from anther one of his sons. Gaius had been a brilliant codicer who had been struck with an intense form of catatonia. Requiring daily injections to satisfy his nutrient intake, the marine sat at one end of a small table, sized for an Astartes. Alexandros sat in a chair for his size, his hands clasped together in a gesture that Adalbard found uncomfortably close to prayer with his eyes closed. Recognizing his Primarch's preferred pose for his mental excursions, Adalbard waited and watched.

With deep, slow breaths, Alexandros maintained his posture for a few moments before opening his eyes. The giant smiled as Gaius followed. The codicer gasped as his head snapped back and forth, absorbing his new reality. Jerky movements came to a halt as he focused on his gene-father. "You-you saved me."

Alexandros shrugged. "I merely showed you the way back home." He stood and took a step closer to the space marine before laying a hand on his shoulder. "Welcome back, my son."

The sandy-haired marine nodded as he muttered, "I am forever in your debt, my lord. What can I do to repay you?"

"For now, go and rest. You have been separated from us for several years. Take this day to catch up, then report back to me when you are finished. Is that fair?"

With a vigorous nod, Gaius rose from his seat. "More than fair, my lord. I will attend to this task now." The psyker hurried out, forgetting to pay proper respects to the Master of Chaplains.

"That was the eighteenth one, my lord," Adalbard noted as he approached Alexandros. "Are you any closer to discovering the root cause?"

With hesitance, Alexandros nodded, his deep purple duty robes settling over him as he re-seated himself. "I have a...suspicion. If I am right, I will only need a little more time to confirm it. If I am wrong, then I truly will need to ask for my Father's insight." He reached for a large bottle of amasec, which alerted the Chaplain to the two prepared glasses on the table. "I'm sorry I wasn't finished sooner, Adalbard. Gaius' illness was deeper than I expected."

"You need not apologize to me, lord," Adalbard replied as he took Gaius seat, careful not to sit too hard lest his black armor crush the oaken chair. "Every brother returned to us is a celebration and strengthens your reputation among the legion."
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"I appreciate that, my son, and I long for the day to take my place at the head of the legion. If for nothing else," Alexandros added with a wry smile as his hand swept over his messy abode. "I'm running out of things to learn, and it takes far too long for my sons to come here straight from the war front." He took a sip as he paused. "What about yourself, Adalbard? Have you taken my advice to heart?"

After settling his helmet on the table, Adalbard nodded as he reached for his glass. "I have, though I admit it was... strange. I'm used to monitoring psychological health and wielding my maul in service to the Emperor. Not choosing a hobby."

"I suspect it may be more necessary than you might think," Alexandros said in a half-whisper before continuing at a normal volume, his smile broadening. "What did you choose?"

With a gulp, Adalbard downed the fine liquid. "I decided on something practical. I've been studying our various air support units with an emphasis on learning their controls. I don't expect I'll ever be a combat pilot, but if the need should ever arise, I'll have more than the hypnotic training to rely on." He paused as he looked up to his gene-father. "Does this satisfy you?"

"It does," Alexandros assured him. "Any particular reason for your choice other than the practicality?"

Adalbard frowned as he felt old, old memories shift within his mind. "I think it was a desire of mine. Before I became what I am. Flying through the air appeals to...something deep within me, Alex, though I can barely remember the time."

Alex's grin widened as he listened. "Excellent. Don't ever ignore that part of yourself. Though it may never serve you in battle, it is as important to who you are." He opened his mouth to continue when his head snapped toward a wall.

Surprised and subconsciously mirroring his gene-father, Adalbard asked, "What is it, my lord?"

"My father is summoning me," Alex replied, his eyes unfocused. He blinked and turned his attention back to Adalbard. "Correction, He will summon me three hours from now."

The breadth of Alexandros' talents had been a point of discussion between Adalbard and the other chosen members of Alex's retinue. It did not take long before word had spread that in addition to his natural, extensive physical capabilities as a primarch that he was also a psyker. It had been a surprise to them. For despite being the most powerful psyker in existence, the Emperor seemed to have created none in his image. Horus and Russ had been devoid of such abilities and a quiet expectation had been building up in most of the legions that none of the primarchs were psykers. Alexandros had broken that trend. Since the primarchs were capable of so much, what could a psyker-primarch accomplish? While freely admitting his status as a psyker, Alexandros hadn't explained his capabilities in detail yet, and his sons were too respectful to press the issue.

"You can see the future, my lord?" Adalbard tentatively inquired, reasoning that as Alex had already demonstrated his telepathy and made that known, perhaps it was fair to ask of this new power.

"To a degree," Alex replied with a chuckle. "It's more frustrating than most understand. Because in one sense there is only one future. But, in another sense, there's a nigh-infinite amount of futures. I can see all of the possible futures, and most of the time, I see the future that will come to pass. It's not like what the common man believes that all I have to do is close my eyes and I'll be able to predict exactly what they'll be doing a year from now."
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"How far into the future can you see, my lord?" Adalbard paused as he remembered. "Did you not foresee yourself taking longer than necessary to aid Brother Gaius and should have informed me to come at a later time? I mean no disrespect, my lord, I'm just unsure."

Alex chuckled. "Just because I can see into the future does not mean I always do. I have gone days without peering forward. Sometimes, weeks. As for how far my sight extends, the technical answer to your question is centuries. Perhaps millenia. It would take a few hours of intense meditation, but I could do it. Of course, I never would chose to do so. The future I'd be seeing would rest on a foundation so weak that all it would take is a single whim to render it pointless. I prefer keeping my focus much more narrow and accurate. Father disagrees with me on this. He thinks I'd benefit more if I cast my nets further out."

It was strange to hear his gene-sire refer to the Emperor so casually for Adalbard. He wondered how formal their relationship was in person and doubted he'd ever get the chance to see it. "How far do you typically look ahead?"

"In peace, it varies. Sometimes, days. Sometimes, weeks. Rarely do I look full months ahead. In war, I go as far as I can to deduce when it is likely for a campaign to end and then focus on staying at least a fortnight ahead of my enemies. It was by far my most powerful tool against the fallen Eldar that raided my planet."

Adalbard pondered Alexandros' words. "Are you divining the future right now, my lord?"

A shake of the head was his answer. "No, that would be rude of me, though I can see why you think I was. Particularly important or powerful events often reach out to me even when I am not actively scanning the temporal horizon. I realized my Father was coming for me four days before the event during a long-winded debate in the Senate. Thankfully, the Senate's attention was focused elsewhere for it was quite a shock to suddenly know that your missing Father, one if not the most powerful being in the galaxy is about to stop by to radically change your life. So far, it has been the most momentous occasion to ever alert me. Usually the passive warnings are far close to the actual event," Alex finished as one finger subconsciously twirled a hair.

"Do you wish to prepare for your meeting?" Adalbard asked as he passed the dataslate that had brought him here.

"If you don't mind," Alex replied as he reached for the dataslate. He glanced over the details, which explained the next son he'd be healing. "Thank you for delivering this to me and for the chat. We'll be working closely together in the days after I assume command of the legion. I'll have some new duties that the Chaplaincy Corp will be needed for."

Adalbard saluted. "We will be honored to serve you and the legion, my lord."

Alexandros chuckled. "You can call me Alex."

"I'm sorry, but it is too informal for it to be comfortable. Unless you wish to make it an order."

"No, that would spoil the purpose of calling me Alex in the first place. Farewell, Adalbard. I look forward to our next conversation."
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After Adalbard's departure, Alexandros left as well. Outside of his new home, he walked on a path that cut between nineteen other pre-fab buildings, each one the proper size to house a primarch. Only two of them were currently active, though active may have been too strong of a word for the current residence of the 'Iron Tenth's' Primarch. Alex smiled as he past it, no doubt that his brother was enjoying the vast forge available to him. Their initial meeting had been cordial, however differing tastes prevented a stronger friendship. I'll need to visit him soon if I want to see him again before I leave Terra.

Alex blinked before he gingerly returned to the present. It was the fifth time he had accidentally shifted into the future. This planet is rich in the Warp, especially the Astronomicon. Or is this another one of Father's subtle lessons? How far did I see this time? Two years? He remembered the trees and compared their current stature and knew he guessed correctly before returning to his walk.

None of the other buildings had seen use. The Emperor had instructed Horus without returning to Terra, while Leman had also insisted that his instruction happen on the road of war. It had suffice because there was no guarantee that any of the Primarchs would've been found, and then so much time had passed between their founding. That had changed with Alexandros' discovery, which had happen a mere three years after Leman's. And now another brother would soon arrive in almost as short of time. In reaction, the Emperor had decided it necessary to bring his sons to Humanity's birthplace to enhance their learning with the shorter time available to him. I do wonder how long Father can avoid the Great Crusade if more of my brothers are discovered at the same time.

Leaving the area, he wandered through the Imperial palace greeting people as he meandered toward another, more restricted portion of the Imperial Palace. His last conversation was with an remembrancer's aide, who had complained how the Great Crusade was generating barely enough paperwork to make it nigh-impossible for them to continue chronicling it from Terra, especially since they had to rely on short and sometimes old reports that filtered back to the homeworld from the various expeditionary fleets. Alexandros had offered a sympathetic ear before swearing that his legion would be more attentive to the cause of History. His support had earned him a smile and a thank you from the young woman before he departed for his true destination.

Alex's path led him to a small garden. In front of the entrance stood a single golden guard who was speaking into his vox. With a grin, Alex said, "Good afternoon, Valdor. You may cancel that last order since I've already arrived."

The Captain-General glared up at him before giving the counter order. Then, he stepped to the side. "My lord," he replied with forced courtesy. "The Emperor awaits."
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I'm curious to see how Alexandros will react to some of the other primarchs and relate to them. Surely he can't buddy up with them all, the primarchs tended to have favorites among each other. I'm guessing Vulkan will be a good ol pal with him though, seeing as how kind both are.

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