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Project - my gift for my friend who is officiating my wedding / DA question  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hey all! My friend Jaron is officiating my wedding to my long-time GF/Fiance (nearly 10 years, lol), this coming October and while he's played Warhammer 40k in the past, he's only ever used my minis, and really enjoys the game (playing as marines), but the stop-gap of him having his own army has been the entry cost - an army is just so expensive to start.

Well as I've been playing for years at this point, I've end up picking up random collections for myself, rarely selling anything, as I just love to paint too much (and if I can't paint, I don't know what I'd do!). Well, I've picked up random pieces of almost every army, but tend to have more marines than most anything else (of course - they're the most prominent).

This stuff that I put together is a bit kitted together from various parts and pieces + a whole Dark Vengence set. Lots of metal models (including old metal deathwing!) and a kit-bashed dreadnought (because the other half was used on a partial resin kit).

I used the Dark Vengence box and 3 sabol foam trays, lots of hot glue and 2 pieces of poster board to divide it up.

Here it is, but I don't know how many points it is... so if anyone has a clue that'd be really helpful (I don't have the new DA codex)

(and if this needs to be moved to a different forum, by all means do so. Thank you!)
[Thumb - 20150817_005126.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005159.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005244.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005316.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005332.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005350.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005420.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005430.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005520.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005537.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005548.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150817_005629.jpg]

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Nice, that oughta make him happy!

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