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If the attachments worked, .pdfs of the cards I made for my Cowboys vs Monsters vs Aliens game should be here. I hope you like them, even if its just shaking your head at what I come up with at 2 AM.

For the Aliens, I adjusted the maximums for stats +1 int, -1 Str. this gave them a lot of skills. I'm not sure I'd do it the same way next time, as that's a lot to keep track of. The weapons are pretty much all the same as the cowboy weapons with different names, or a special power in exchange for +1 level.
 Filename Lunar Kin Pack.pdf [Disk] Download
 Description Lunar Kin Savage Beast Pack
 File size 2414 Kbytes

 Filename BlackwaterClique.pdf [Disk] Download
 Description Clix Custom Cowboy Gang
 File size 1724 Kbytes

 Filename Alien Character Cards.pdf [Disk] Download
 Description Alien Invader Cards
 File size 3487 Kbytes

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