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Fresh-Faced New User

Hartford, Connecticut

Tackling i.e. Jumping down onto someone

How exactly does this work? Do both models take the STRENGTH = Distance SAVE rolls?

Moving up and down Ladders and Stairs

Is it a combination action like Jumping? Do you move to the top/bottom of the ladder/stair and then "climbing" the rest of your movement distance?

Or do you move to the top/bottom then "climb" up to 6"?

If you can't reach the top/bottom (making a 6" move) the rules state you end your movement at top/bottom. If you have an 8" ladder/stair it seems like you can never reach the end.

Melee attacks using two one-handed weapons

When making the second attack you add +1 to the TN. If you killed the target with the first attack and can melee with a second target you add +1 to the TN.
Do these combine? {i.e. Do you add +2 to the TN?)

Defense (Save) rolls

Target has 3 successful hits against it. It can make three Defense Rolls and saves only one.
Does it loses 2 hits or 1 hit?

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

When you tackle someone, I was treating that as an attack against the person your are tackling. It’s just rather than punching someone, you’re jumping down and trying to konk them on the noggin on the way down. So here you could have a more wimpy character might have a better chance of hurting someone if they get the drop on them so to speak. Now that you mention it though, maybe the jumper should take damage too?

For the ladder rules, it’s really just to make it easier to place your models someplace where they won’t fall off and break. So, if your movement would only let you move half way up a ladder, you can choose to either not climb it, or move to the very top and end your turn there

And yes in that case your target number will get +2 instead of +1, if you killed someone and then also had to change targets

And for damage you only ever take 1 HP worth of damage no matter how many saves you missed. In the old, old rules it was lose 1 HP per missed D6, and people died way too fast

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hartford, Connecticut


As for the stairs and ladders -

I was thinking of using some kind of marker to show where you ended you move. That way your opponent gets the chance to shoot you off a ladder (but not stairs) and maybe taking falling damage!

For stairs, I seem to remember one maker of buildings having a moveable stand that you could place on the stairs to allow you to actually place your model on the stairs.
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