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Through a Forest, Darkly - How to Make an Ancient Yew Tree (and oaks) for 28mm [Tutorial on D&B].  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I spent some time researching yew trees and owls the last weeks and created an old gnarly yew tree that can be removed from its base to place miniatures inside the hollow trunk and also has magnetized branches for easier transport.

If you are interested how to make one yourself check out the detailed tutorial with many pictures on Dagger and Brush:

Through a Forest, Darkly - How to Make an Ancient Yew Tree for 28mm Part I

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Germany, Frankfurt area

Holy crap! That are pictures of a model? It looks like a scene from a film! Absolutely stunning!

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Did I miss something? I dont see where in the blog it shows pics of how you constructed the tree trunk.

Looks cool though.

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It's a description not a pictoral walk through *edit* nvm sorry lol took a while before Firefox wanted to load the pictures! weirdly it didn't leave the space it usually does indicating its thinking about it... anyway. Yes, there are pictures, check your settings etc, prolly just a script issue.

Very very cool and definitely keeping this one in mind

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Thank you for the comments. Glad you like the yew. I think the blog can laod pictures a bit slow, but I am actually working on some optimization right now, that is, replacing bigger files with smaller ones. However, all the new posts are better in this regard.

Snoopdeville3: There are pictures of the trunk, however, there are no pictures of the early sculpting stage, as I think a video would capture this better.

What you can see is the result of the sculpting and then the next steps. I plan to have a matching video tutorial up very soon as I will make another yew for 15mm.

In general:

When you have the lump of clay use a wooden or metal sculpting tool with a flat, rounded-off edge and draw lines downwards to get the deep crevasses.

Now widen them and use a rubber clay shaper to smooth. You can also use a needle tool to outline openings and cut them out with a knife.

Only then use a needle tool to carve the bark.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

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Dakka Veteran

Holy crap this is a nice and in depth detailed tutorial! Thank you for your time!!

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You are very welcome Basimpo. I hope it can be an inspiration/ can be of help for your own projects.

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Nottingham, UK

Very nice tutorial, thanks for that.

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In Town

Thank you so so much for you work on this. I'm looking to build trees very soon, and the Citadel wood just left me concerned it would look barren.

Definitely giving this a go.

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It took me some time, but I finally finished part 2 of the tutorial. This time it is all about foliage (and Ettins).

Leafy experimentation – Yew Tutorial Part II

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Hi all,

I recently finalised some oak trees and wanted to share the results. I also wrote a short article on my blog about making trees in general more realistic.

I address bark texture, foliage, trunk and crown shape, scenic basing and critters.


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Damn. This is trally impressive. Thank you so much for sharing.
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Friendly Peat Beast

The Great Marsh

Those oak trees are just incredible!
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Rogaland, Norway

Very impressive indeed!

Like some other comments I would really like to see more of the early trunk work, hopefully you'll have a video showcasing the how and whys later

Excellent inspiration.


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Made in nz
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I am working on a second yew tree for my gaming board, but it will take some time until it is finished. The first one was a commission, so unfortunately I don't have video coverage of the sculpting process. That said, I will document the second one both with photos and video.

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