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Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User


Found your gangfight system a few days ago and managed to get a couple of games in today. While we are saving to order some Western models we tried out the fantasy rules with some models we had .

Loved it. Really enjoyed how the game plays but had a few questions, some of them are things carried over from other game systems and are looking for a bit of clarification.

When rolling defence dice do you need equal or beat the strength of the attack?

Can you re-roll a re-roll. someone with only 1 defence die with Hearty vs Brute?

Can you draw line of sight through other models, Had a large model behind some smaller ones and was definitely visible. Any extra penalties to attacker or benefits to the defender?

Being a target of a melee attack after you have run in your activation, In the running section it only implies vs ranged attacks but in the common modifiers section it only says if the target was running last activation

In the Shield section it talks about dual hand weapons but we could not find them in the equipment section

Reach, none of the weapons have this as a key word, Seemed too good a bonus for free, should it be a 1 or 2 point upgrade for 1 or 2 handed weapons?

The Beasts abilities cost 5 xp, is this correct with all other skills being free?

DOT damage in subsequent rounds. Perhaps we got lucky (or unlucky for the opponent) but it seemed nasty so just want to check we did it right. I hit with 3 dice so the opponent had to save with his 2 defence dice. Cant roll enough saves so takes 1 wound, Next upkeep phase same again etc. Could perhaps the hits reduce by 1 each round so over time it is easier to resist? or use an action to reduce its strength by 1? (putting out the flames for example)

The start of the rule book has Members as one level and Henchmen & minions as other but at the end of the rulebook Members are not mentioned and it seems that Henchmen has replaced Members?

Could Gunslinger be changed to be more inline with Warrior, Marksman - Gain +1D6 to hit in ranged combat?

Could you add the Human bonus to the Mortal Guilds list. We could remember reading something about Humans but could not find for ages when character creating

Looking forward to your replies

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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Cool thanks for those questions, I'll get the rules updated with some of the issues you discovered.. so to answer your questions..

When rolling for defense you just have to equal the strength not beat it

You can shoot through smaller models, for example, a standard sized mini can't block a large, massive or giant model. But, you can block in the reverse where a larger model can have a smaller one hide behind it. If both models are the same size, you may shoot through you own gang members since they can step aside for you, but enemy models will block line of sight.

Running will make you harder to hit for just shooting

Dual hand weapons were changed, I must have missed that part. It was mostly for spears which are Reach weapons now. I'll updated the weapon lists to include some.

Yes beast abilities are treated like skills, but they are more powerful. They work just like Demonic gifts.

DOTs were supposed to be powerful but you're right, maybe they are a little too powerful now. I like the idea of them going down 1 point of strength each turn so I'll update that.

Members were called Henchmen before.. but since we call the lowest level guys Henchmen in Blackwater Gulch, I decided to change that in the core rules to Henchmen & Minions, so I'll fix that in the other parts of the book.

I wanted Gunslinger to be a separate skill for pistols alone, that's probably more for Blackwater Gulch and western rules where pistols are more common. I'll change that for the fantasy skills and have an Archer skill that is for bows and crossbows.

I'll add the human bonuses, I must have missed that. Humans are jacks of all trades, so they are allowed to add +1 to any attribute you want, rather than other races that get a specific bonus.

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Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User


I was playing in Zemmy's group and I also have some questions for the playtest rules.

1. the book under the Running section discription states that basicly 8 inch's or more you are running, however in Area terraign it states that you cant run in Area Turf and you move would stop at 8 inch's so if you move 8 inchs you according to running section would be running but in Area Turf you are not?

so does this mean anything more than 8 is run and 8 is not run or?

2. Under facing rule if you attack someone's back side you get extra d6 attack rather ranged or melee. durring game i looked for this under common modifiers section and didnt find this mod. so i played with out the bonus for attack in backside. i think this should be listed in common modifier section of book as well.

3. beasts and demons pays 5xp for their racial skills however undead do not? and if you ask me that bloodsucker skill is best in the game and you pay nothing for that skill.?

Awesome game system so far, Like Zemmy i am saving up for some Old Western Minies so tried out fantasy version.

Will there be any Campaign rules in Fantasy book as well?

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Yes, in order to count as running and be harder to hit, you need to move a total of 8 inches or more in your last activation. Since you can't run in Area Terrain, it means that the most you can move is 8 inches. Also, you have a -1 Quickness penalty in area terrain, so your regular movement will be slowed by 1 inch per move. The only way to be able to run in area terrain is to have the Ranger skill. I just noticed that wasn't in the info for the ranger skill so I'll update that

I can add the rear attacks to common modifiers

Good point about the undead skills. I will also add a 5 XP cost to them as well!

Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User

Im sorry maybe i didnt make my question clear enough about running.

in terraign you cannot run, and your max move is 8 inch's. In the running section running is 8 or more inches.

should running be only more than 8 inchs?

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Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User

Got a few more questions around character creation

Bats are listed twice, with +1 Quickness and +1 Intellect, should they have both these bonuses?

Enchanting items. I understand the rules around creating items with skills or attribute points but want to know limitations.
Can attribute points from from enchantments take you above your character type limits
Can you gain multiple increases in the same attribute from different items
Can you take the same skill more than once eg Warrior enchanted sword with a character who has the Warrior skill
Can you enchant every item you are carrying.

Been making a Undead list and feel the Bloodsucker skill may be to powerful.

Have made a melee Vampire Hero with 5 base melee, 2 one handed swords, Warrior and Man Hunter skills. that's 8 melee dice without enchantments, outnumbering etc against most opponents. With 5 Stamina he would very survivable being able to regain hit points very easily. A potion of healing only costs 4 points and is only one use. Perhaps Bloodsucker should only be able to happen once per round and even then I think 5 points is cheap.

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

I see what you mean, the 2 8" rules are kind of contradicting. How about changing running to say "9 inches or more". And area terrain has a -1 quickness penalty, and a max distance of 8". That way there is no overlap. I'll change the ranger skill to have no penalty at all, they can even move farther than 8", so they would be the only ones allowed to run in area terrain.

I'll fix the bats, that must have been a typo. They are supposed to have +1 quickness.

And yes you can have a skill and also have an item with the same enchantment. All bonuses stack, so if you can find a way to have +5 ranged combat, then you get +5 dice

But, you may only equip 1 enchanted item. I'll have to check, I'm pretty sure I had that rule in there but I might have deleted it by accident. Eventually I'm going to put together an actual list of enchanted items and consumable items, so it will be easier to pick the ones you want.

That vampire hero sounds nasty, but heroes are supposed to be Though, I have been thinking about changing the bloodsucker rule to be that you only gain the 1 HP if you take an enemy out of action.. not for every wound you inflict. It kind of feels like if you are able to do tons of damage you could be pretty much invincible. Or, maybe make it that you can only heal a max of 1 HP per turn?

Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User

Zemmy and myself getting ready for another game soon, we will play test some of this stuff for sure,

i like the idea of changing running at 9 inches or more. in running section.

Ill try to play using the rule of only equipinig 1 enchanted item.

one of my lists i had a vampire that had a robes of Vitallity for +1 hp and Dagger of soulstoring for +1 hp a Broadsword of Defence +1, So by your example your intension would have been for me to only be allowed one of these magic items?

I really am impressed with this system. and thanks for allowing us to play test this system out, cant wait to see if zemmy can drive a stake through Strahd's heart or maybe ill play my Orcs list and see if he can destroy the one crown that rules them all.
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