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We'll find out soon enough eh.

Ahoy, I'm after a couple of specific things. First and most importantly, I need 5 of the plastic Skavenslave bodies from the Skaven Clanrats box, the ones in the image below boxed in red. Ideally 3 of the leg-shackled ones and two with just the manacles but I'll take what I can get.

I'm also looking, though less urgently, for a small selection of the Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins, mainly the three unit Champions, and one apiece of the different Bow and Spear/Shield models(ie, no repeat sculpts).

In exchange I can offer in trade any of the Dwarf infantry and characters from Battle for Skull Pass(I have two intact sprues), Skaven Plague Monks or specific bitz from that kit(I got a unit in the Start Collecting box I have no intention of using), or money through Paypal. EDIT: Oh, aye, and non-Skavenslave Clanrats.

I'd prefer to stay within the EU to avoid excessive shipping fees or customs shenanigans, but if you can provide all 5 Skavenslaves or all the BfSP Goblins in one go we can probably make an arrangement. Drop me a PM and post below to say you've done so, I occasionally don't notice the message icon but I will be checking this thread periodically.


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I need to acquire plastic Skavenslaves, can you help?
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I think you are making things difficult for yourself Yodhrin.
You are basing slaves on only a fraction of the available sculpts which wont look so good and people might not even notice the shackles. I normally dont.

May I suggest another way, or in fact three options..

First don't give your slaves shields, but give all your clanrats shields.

Second, If you wan to give your slaves shields then instead add extra rats to the back rank with better equipment and give them whips. Clanrats are different from slaves then due to the lack of whip and prod armed rats taking up the back rank. The advantage of this is that clanrats and slaves are functionally identical which helps with list building. The disadvantage is that you need to take casualties from in front of the back rank.

Third, and my favourite option is to dock the tails of slaves. This means your slaves cannot hope to become clanrats, but the nihilism is part of Skaven life anyway. Rodents function quite well with half a tail, I had pet mice with half a tail, each lived a full normal life, for a mouse. Its a common injury when cats get them. For authenticity rodent tail amputees have a tiny stub of bone that does not grow over so if you dock them instead of a clean cut file down the last millimeter to about half its width and paint that bit bone.
Docking slaves tails makes their status in Skaven society very obvious, its an easy thing to do and frankly should be part of the lore, chopping off a defeated rats tail would be easy to do, s survivable and disgraces the rat.
Dock tailed skavenslaves would make the units very distinctive

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