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So I changed my mind and I'm going for Necrons now. I'm going to get the Start Collecting! Necrons box set, and wish to know what I should get afterwards.

Contents of the box set:
1 Necron Overlord with Warscythe and Resurrection Orb
1 Triarch Stalker that can have either a heat ray, particle shredder, or twin linked heavy gauss cannon.
10 Necron Warriors.
3 Canoptek Scarab Swarms.

Can you give me a basic 1500pt army list, and give me an idea of what I should buy first?

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 NenkotaMoon wrote:
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I mean sure people can make you a list but what do you want your army to do and play like?

Since you have a stalker a good bet is to get at least two packs of lychguard/pretorians. Build them as ten pretorians with rods of the covenant.

Next you'll probably want to look for another box set that includes warriors and immortals and tomb blades. Otherwise you'll need to buy these to round out your basic decurion. A decurion detachment at 1500 points is a good idea and flexible formation that allows for a huge vareity of play styles.

This will allow you to field the core relimation legion and an auxiliary choice. Other really strong auxiliarys are canopteck harvest and destroyer cult.

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I'd start by adding up a unit at least (or maybe two) of warriors, which are quite necesairy, no matter what build you follow. Then, you're going to want to decide what path you're going to follow.

Now before that, I'd say play a couple of games where you proxy a lot of models to see what you list most. At least, I find that good for me, I've rushed into decisions that I didn't end up sticking to.

Besides proxy, I also suggest buying the usefull multiboxes. Buy the Immortal/Deathmark box. Υou're almost surely using at least one of those two units. Lychguard/Praetorian is also a nice one!

Personally, I'm a fan of the Ghost ark which is quite the neutral buy. It's the typical Warrior transport. A very standard choice at 105 points with AV 13, 4 HP, ignores shaken, 2 gauss flayer arrays and the ability to create warriors each turn. Can't go too wrong with that. But, I only recomend buying it if you actually like the model, since if you don't there's more ways to play without it.

A very good looking AND really strong unit is the Canoptek Wraith unit. Almost any list you build will contain a unit of those, so go ahead and get some, they are awsome!

Besides that, this edition heavily favors necron infantry and not vehicles. So, wraiths, destroyers, tomb blades, spyders, scarabs, lychguard, warriors and immortals are the way to go mostly. (at least, if you want to go for the Decurion, which is what most people will do)

If you want to field a decurion, I suggest you buy the models required for the Reclamation Legion first (1 overlord which you already have, 20 warriors (you already have 10), 3 tomb blades and 5 Immortals.

Then you chose the formations you like better and build on that. Since, you already have the Triarch stalker you could chose to go for the Judicator Battalion (even though, I hardly dislike the Triarch praetorian, it's the only necron model I don't have). It's not the best formation we can field, but it's not a bad one either. Versus certain armies it can work wonders.

Then, one of the most played formations are the Canoptek Harvests. And, you already have the 3 scarabs, so you can just buy 1 Spyder and 3 Wraiths and play that too! (Although, I recommend playing a squad of 5+ wraiths)

Good luck with your army, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Would you suggest grabbing two start collecting boxes? I was thinking of doing that and converting the second lord into a cryptek. Then grabbing some lychguard for my lord and maybe a doomsday ark? I like the big shooty models.. I don't know if that's a good base to start from though
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Azael88 wrote:
Would you suggest grabbing two start collecting boxes? I was thinking of doing that and converting the second lord into a cryptek. Then grabbing some lychguard for my lord and maybe a doomsday ark? I like the big shooty models.. I don't know if that's a good base to start from though

No, definitely only get one Start Collecting box. You can use that money to on other units to fill out your army, like Tomb Blades, Immortals, Canoptek Wraiths, Destroyers, etc. You wont need a second Stalker, nor another Overlord, so really all you're getting are Scarabs and Warriors out of it. You don't need to convert the Overlord when you can just buy a Cryptek for a lot less. As for the Warriors and Scarabs you'd be getting out of it, there are kits which include both a Ghost Ark / Doomsday Ark and a unit of Warriors & Scarabs. It's like $20 more than the Ark itself. In fact, for the price you pay for another Start Collecting Box, you can buy a Cryptek and a Ghost Ark and still have money left to put towards something else, like more Warriors if you wish.

Most builds incorporate some amount of Tomb Blades and Immortals, so that would be a safe bet to buy. From there, it will depend on your Formation (and if there's something similar in 8th, though it looks like there won't be) to determining what units you want to get. I'd recommend against Command/Annihilation Barges and Flayed Ones, as they tend to be not be worth it. Also Deathbringer Flights are generally considered our lowest tier of formation, so stick away from Death Scythes for now. You may want to look into getting a Ghost Ark to transport your Warriors faster across the table (also provides them some cover, and they can shoot out of it). Tomb Blades are a good staple for most Necron lists. They provide good movement, and combined with Nebuloscopes, they can wreck some squads. From there, you may want to work on getting a Canoptek Harvest going with Canoptek Wraiths, Canoptek Scarabs, and a Canoptek Spyder... though some competitive builds skip Canoptek Harvests and instead push points into mass Destroyer Cults. I haven't tried the Destroyer Cult build myself, but I assume they do well.

If you're looking for a 1500pt list, I made a forum post a few days ago with mine looking for any suggestions- (https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/726122.page)

The list I made there is based off several competition builds, though edited for variety and fun.

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With 8th ed coming right around the corner, you may want to wait and see the new rules. It may change the direction you want to go.
I'm on a buying freeze with my Crons right now to see what happens.

Build and paint your SC box and if you still need more to do, another box of warriors is basically an automatic choice to start.
I would agree and get a Ghost Ark if you still need more before 8th. Even if things change a bunch you know you'll have a decent transport that works with troops you already have.
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