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I have some skitarii models in my drawer and am looking to start a KT using them.

Anyone know how good the team is?

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Ute nation

They looked pretty capable in the Miniwar gaming bat reps, their sniper/specialist especially so.

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Dark angels - 2k

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They actually make a decent team
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 Grimgold wrote:
They looked pretty capable in the Miniwar gaming bat reps, their sniper/specialist especially so.

The sniper is pretty frikken tasty, but it's odd when I see how two of my specialists are mostly CCB, while my enginseer actually compliments the Skitarii's shooty style (plus how the sniper has a 6+ armor roll, that reroll is good).

I'm thinking to just go full guns, and drop all forms of CCW since my guns are just SO good. Any thoughts?
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South Bay Area, Ca

I'm pretty damn new to the 40k world and was wondering the same thing. Skitarii teams can get three specialist, all snipers?

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I run a team of them currently.

This is a game where you need bodies.

You could run 1 Leader, 3 specialists all with the large sniper. The leader could have a omnispex, that's 1k points.

Second your hit though you go down. The army is very easy to counter. Plus any mission where you need to move around, you cant shoot with 75% of the army.
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South Bay Area, Ca

Str00dles1- I wasn't aware of that. Good points.

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Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation


I'm not sold on the Sniper Rifles for Skitarii... at least not starting with an army of them. As mentioned you have to set them up each time you move, and it is still just a single shot. You could add a sight to a rifle for less than half the cost, which would allow you to field more models.

Short of Plasma you have no sustained fire, which does no favors for a range focused army. That range will also be wasted unless you are playing with a bunch of open space.

I also wouldn't waste any points on CC for your Leader, as he does not want to be in that position anyway. Focus on getting the most models on the board (maybe even one or two early with only a knife) and build up your Special Weapons/upgrade Rifles.
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I definitely recommend putting bodies down on the field. You can get eight or nine decently equipped guys down for your starting 1000pts.

I recommend Galvanic Rifles over Radium Carbines for the most part as trying to get into range can be difficult sometimes (A few scouts with Snipers and a Heavy Bolter, or Eldar with a Weapon Platfromcan easily restrict your movement). Though Radium Carbines still have their place in your list because they are far more effective in close range. Maybe I just have bad experience with them, though, so it's your choice.

For Special Weapons, never bother with the Arc Rifle. The Plasma Caliver is excellent if you can get it up the board quick enough, and the Arquebus is great to set up at a high point and basically never move again.

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Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

From my experience with the Arquebus, it worked fantastically at dropping any target it hits.

I knew that I was going to field more of them, I was actually thinking of fielding 3 specialists with them and my alpha having an omnispex.

I'm aware that in the initial game or two I would have zero mobility and that'd probably cost me those games, but in the long run I think that never needing to expend promethium on these rifles would be an advantage.

Any objective holding missions would probably be in my favor however, as anything moving into the line of sight of these things isn't likely to be walking out of the killzone.
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