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After playing in multiple games with the Corrosive Slick environment, including the first game of the family campaign my son & I decided on a house rule, as the original version was punishing to melee armies and sort of boring. This is what we came up with on our way to school this morning: "Corrosive Slick (Slapstick Version): Any fighter who decides to run or charge during this mission must declare an endpoint before they start moving their model, and then roll a die. On a 1 (1-2 if both sides roll Corrosive Slick) they slip and the endpoint scatters 1d6", up to the Move stat of the running/charging fighter. Draw a straight line between the starting and the new endpoint and move the fighter along the path. If the fighter falls off a ledge, resolve falls as normal. If the fighter collides with a obstacle, wall, building, or other fighter - resolve it as a fall from a height equal to the Move stat of the sliding fighter. If the sliding fighter manages to make it to the new endpoint without colliding with anything then it is pinned but otherwise unharmed. Harlequins (with flip belts) and models they collide with are pinned instead of suffering damage."

We changed it to a falling hit instead of a automatic down - we liked the idea that you could injure yourself and possibly whoever you ran into, but felt an automatic down with no save was too harsh, especially with heavily armored guys like Space Marines, Terminators, & Wraithguard just slipping and breaking their legs on open ground. Resolving it as a fall also means that clumsy Space Clowns don't cause ridiculous S6 ramming hits (their flip belts negate falling damage for them and whoever they fall on - they just bounce off) Just making it an autopin (which was our original idea) would be faster, but less "good random" (as opposed to "bad random" which is our opinion of the original rule).


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I think it needs a special clause for slipping while running up ladders or you get the (highly comical but incredibly nonsensical) effect of fighters accidentally catapulting themselves up an extra floor or two.

Also, I'd make the falling damage equal to the distance rolled on the "slip" die, unless you fall off a ledge etc., rather than the M of the fighter or you'll have the occasional guardsman breaking his neck on a 1" slip while the tougher factions will make the attempt anyway seeing as it will predictably hurt less often.

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