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Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Here's a new Kill Team for Shadow War:


[edit] Fixed link

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Made in au
Infiltrating Broodlord

does look interesting..

so basically starting list would be 3 Wraithguard and a Warlock, making it Stranger than a Warrior squad.. With its better armour saves, but less shot..

Actually looking at the Renewal power... Dam near impossible to kill this squad.. OP list is OP

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

What's this from?

"'players must agree how they are going to select their armies, and if any restrictions apply to the number and type of models they can use."

This is an actual rule in the actual rulebook. Quit whining about how you can imagine someone's army touching you in a bad place and play by the actual rules.

Freelance Ontologist

When people ask, "What's the point in understanding everything?" they've just disqualified themselves from using questions and should disappear in a puff of paradox. But they don't understand and just continue existing, which are also their only two strategies for life. 
Made in se
Slaanesh Chosen Marine Riding a Fiend

Uppsala, Sweden

Renewer is too powerful, extra much so in combination with T6 and 3+ saves.

It will be much more reasonable if it is used instead of the normal Injury Roll at the end of Recovery Phase.
Success: Flesh wound
Fail: Down
Double 6: Out.

Even with that change, i don't think this list is balanced and interesting. I believe teams like wyches and GSC would mostly survive until they could take out the warlock. And once she's permadead or is missing a game because of injuries there will only be multiple T6 3+ models with LD10 and rerolls for the bottle tests. How fun is that? And the post-game-phase would be quite boring with so few and expensive options.

If you want to think about balance, start with imagining your most cheesy opponents playing this team while you play some of the more ordinary teams.

PS: It looks _really_ nice though!

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Made in us
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Oakland, CA

Very professionally done!

I'll want to take a closer look - thanks!
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Good photoshop skills, but stupidly broken. Nid warriors are bad enough in this game, you don't need stronger nids

Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Good work, but as said, very unbalanced.

My idea would be to make the Iyanden Craftworld. It would fit the theme really well imo.

That would make :
- Warlock (kill team leader)
- Ghost warrior (trooper)
- Guardian defender (new recruit)
- Guardian defender gunner (specialist)

It would be lorefull, and give more choices to the player. Furthermore, I would increase the cost of either the Warlock and Ghost warriors, or the cost of their weapons. Because 250 points for a T6, 3+, with Ld10 who can reroll any fail, and might even be revived ... a rework in the psychic powers would be good too.

That way, with the guardians, you could have an interesting choice : should I take a lot of Ghost warriors at the beginning but be outnumbered ? Or should I go with less Ghost warriors and buy them later (meaning spending this valuable prometheum cache) ?
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Problem is you want to make it buy a box and done. Add guardians that's another box. already its 1 box for ghosts and 1 warlock, 70$.

I know that's sticking to the GW method, but still

And as a note, this should say fan made on it somewhere so others don't get confused.
Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Fair enough about renewer.

I'm tempted to remove it completely, but how about limiting it to one attempt per game? With the revised renewer, there is a 66% chance of success, and a 33% of failure and an 8% of catastrophic failure.

I'm also thinking about keeping the model limit at 3-4, but making it mandatory to takae two warlocks as a "seer council", (with renewer completely removed) so that it won't be possible to take more than two wraithguard in a kill team, but still pad the numbers to a more reasonable level.

Rationale being that a single warlock and two wraithguard are a bit flimsy, but perhaps two warlocks could be more reasonable.

That does raise the question about two kill team leaders and such, but it shouldn't be too hard to work with after some tweaking.

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Made in au
Infiltrating Broodlord

Making it one use only, would be a lot better... but still it is very strong

I would cap it at 5 models as inline with other tough units.

The other thing I would suggest is changing that 4+ invun save to maybe a 5/6+ invun save.. there are little to no invuns in this game.

I wouldn't make it min 2 Warlocks.. that just feel less themey imo

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Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Well, while I agree that new players could come and play the game with just 1 box, what about those who have an eldar army and would like to put more kind of miniatures on the game ? Or the newcomers who bought a few boxes ? It could be interesting to have some Kill teams a bit more "boxies" than other, so that everybody can play the Kill team he wants, and not beeing limited to only 1 box (if it remains balanced).

I think my idea fits the theme better, because it represents a Iyanden Craftworld Kill Team. It also follows the rules better, and is imo more interesting in terms of kill team composition.

But I might be wrong of course, do not think I want to be right at all cost

2 min warlocks would not follow the core rules. I mean, try to follow the rules closely as possible imo. It will make the things clearer and less OP or complexe, and it's for the better.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


I love this.

I like playing Elite armies where I can spend time on large models and not get bogged down with lots of small models.

The statline on them is not dissimilar to Harlequins. Maybe make it a 4++ for good measure.

Comparison below.

I think the T6 is fine. They only have 1 wound. Compared to nids, 3 Wound T5.
The lack of high S weapons in early campaigns will put the hurt on a lot of armies.

However, there are also things like Toxic Munitions which bypass this.

Overall I think Renewer is too strong. Potentially remove this and up the model count to 6 like Harlies.

Just my 2 cents.

Very professional job.

Ok, I misread.

Its a 3+ armour and 4++ with Force Shield. My bad.
That doesnt seem OP.

Maybe as a suggestion.

Something else for a specialist?
[Thumb - Player.PNG]

[Thumb - GWarrior.PNG]

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Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Renewer will definitely be reduced to once per game. It works all right at that point since there is actual considerable risk of putting your own wraith out of action or slain in attempting the power. It's balanced enough.

Initial reactions from people that I have played against were similar to other in this thread, but after they played against it with renewer at once per game, they admitted it was much ado about nothing.

As for adding other things to the list for more optional granularity, if there were other thematic options like the old wraith drones, I would include them.

This is meant to be thematic, and guardians don't really match well with a dying craftworld that relies on reanimate get their ancestors to protect what little still live, rather than risking the small handful of living Eldar left.

So it may seem uninteresting and I'll admit I wouldn't want to fixate on playing ghost warriors all the time in shadow war, but there are those who will want a different approach to Eldar and this list is meant for those who play iyanden ghost warrior lists.

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