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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Charlottetown, PE

I am currently building and painting this list with the intent to not been too cheesy. This list is not for tournament play though that is likely something this list will transition towards in the future. For allied detachment options I currently have 2500 points of harlequins and 500ish of dark eldar available. Though I would prefer to avoid the screams of Ynnari are broken.

As for the local meta, I imagine it is similar to most locale. Primarily Maines with some guard and Tau. One gsc, 2 orcs and one necron player.

For the list.


2x Farseer on bikes with Spears.
One has stones of anath'Alan.


2x 5 bikes
3 scatterlasers per unit.


Crimson Hunter Exarch


2 scatterlasers and sword'n'board


2x Dire avengers
9 regular + Exarch with pw+shimmers held
Waveserpent - lances + Cannon with holofields

Fire Dragons
Waveserpent - lances + Cannon with holofields


Edit: accidental post without the list.

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Made in us
Walking Dead Wraithlord

Dallas area, TX

It's a decent list, but I think you make struggle against lists with a lot of AV12+. 3 single shot lances, 1 Dragon unit and the Crimson Hunter won't make enough difference.

I would honestly go with the basic WK (or more preferably the Inferno lance WK if you have the rule for it). The WK is good enough on it's own in melee and you get way more out of ranged fire power with it. The sword-n-shield WK is nice, but only when you have sufficient ranged anti-tank elswhere in the list (which you currently do not)

It you take the Infermo Lance WK, you can trade the lances off the Serpents for either Scatter laser or double Shuricannons. Both weapons are arguably better than the Lances on Serpents

Alternatively, you could swap the Serpents for Heavy Support Falcons. Serpents may be a bit tougher to kill thanks to the Sheild, but having 3 str8 shots per tank will go a long way if you face heavy armour lists.

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