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Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

Working on it


This is just a short story I wanted to write aside from the crusade of Fury. This story takes place after the events of the second Crusade of Fury.
I know Kageros was a much loved character but this had to be done.
To all of you that don't follow the Crusades of Fury, this is about the Phaeron of my Dynasty going toe-to-toe with old rivals, hope you enjoy

Kageros paced about the bridge of his ship, concealing his panic with anger. He knew it would be a matter of time before his old rivals would renew their war, he had hoped that some catastrophe or celestial anomaly would have ended them, but fate was a cold mistress. He had faith that Voor’Han could hold out until reinforcements arrived, they had spent so long rebuilding that it should be impossible for it to fall. Rak’than had relayed that he would arrive their a week before Kageros would, that brought him some small amount of reassurance. Among his fleet counted numerous ships, about half of what they had around Voor’Han, and not only was he bringing the cold hate of his legions, but he was bringing the fury and wrath of the Tarellians and the Tau. The Butcher’s legions would give no quarter though, they were as unrelenting as ever, they thought themselves true Necrontyr, the would not stop until either the Kageros had died or they had. He had heard them called the Winter Bringers, the Frost Bearers, the Cold Decent, but cold was too light a word, for they drained the ambient energy of worlds to feed their legions.

Grulahk had remained on the Crionian planet with a but a few phalanxes, in hopes of perhaps rallying new allies for their fight, it would be a very brutal fight. Rak’than had arrived the day prior according to his transmissions, the communications had gone silent just an hour afterwards. Kageros looked through his gear a diagnostic protocols, he had to have everything right, everything had to be in place if he was to win. He browsed his personal armory, weapons that hadn’t been used in millennia, he had forgotten about this place until Chagh and Zyfek had reminded him before is voyage to the Crin system. He picked up an ancient relic, a two-handed great blade that he had used back in the wars of secession, back when he still fought at Ohmek’s side. Next to it was his war mantle, last used 60 million years ago against the same foe, he felt it would do him good. It wasn’t huge armor pieces that he had seen lesser races wear, nor was it any type of long-honored relic of champions past. It was but a small ankh that fit over his, but with several needle like interfaces that socketed into his. As soon as it fit into place his protocols changed, the thousands of tiny scarabs that crawled through his necrodermis removed the scales of his cloak, shifting and fastening them into plating around his body. The mechanics in his joints reinforcing to accommodate the extra mass on his limbs. He now set to planning the war to come, a hologram of Voor’Han and the small asteroid that hung in its orbit washed the room in a pallid amber light. The small moon broke, and Kageros smiled.

Numek walked down one of the many corridors of the ivory ship, a clang with every foot fall. The golden glyphs that ran along the walls indicated he was nearing his target, he stopped before a large gilded entry way, the dynastic symbol engraved on the door. He walked into his Phaeron’s chamber confused, wondering what the hulking form in front of him was. Kageros turned to the Cryptek, “The time for royalties and nobility is over, now is a time of extermination.” Numek lowered his head, “A time that will come shortly, we will arrive soon.” Kageros made haste to the bridge and upon entering received his fleets status, everyone was ready to fight, they were ready to defend their home, the place they had all spent their lives defending and rebuilding. The home that over the course of countless millennia saw a dynasty of flesh conquer numerous worlds, that saw a dynasty sell their souls for immortality, that witnessed the sundering of a great people, that watched over them as they slept, a home that they rebuilt to resemble themselves, a home that was now under threat.

“Entering far orbit in five…” He gripped his sword tightly,
He rolled his shoulders and checked diagnostics again,
He primed the lightning batteries,
This was it, the battle,
Except it wasn’t a battle, it was blood bathed trap and a massacre. Kageros recoiled in shock as he gazed at the five Cairn-Class Tombships waiting for them, arrayed in an arc. Each one flanked by innumerate escort ships and cruisers, behind them the remains of the entire Kageros fleet, and behind them the withering husk of Voor’Han. Even from orbit he could see the vast swathe of terrain being swallowed by the Dahk’ash and drained for all energy it was worth. The light from Voor’Han’s core glowed dimly, far darker than it should have been. Within a second of entering far orbit the fleet of Kageros ships was blasted by the waiting Dahk’ash fleet, except for his own. Warning flashes bathed the bridge as reports of boarding parties teleported in, one particularly close to the bridge.

The first of the Lychguard burst through the door, it’s armor looked to have been a prison for a raging blizzard, contrasting it’s limbs and face which appeared to have been forged from wrought iron. Kageros bellowed a howl of rage as he quickly murdered the first, the others poured in behind it. Kageros parried their war scythes has he made short work of them, one by one their crumpled and cleaved bodies fell, their reanimation protocols faltering. The last one fell as a lord walked in, Kageros immediately knew this to be Dagarok, the Butcher’s Carrion Lord. Kageros stopped and took a step back as Dagarok held up a string of heads, he knew them to be of his greater court, he recognized Zyfek, Chagh, and lastly Rak’than. Dagarok dropped them as he stepped forward,

“How pitiful. Even after all these millennia you are still as weak as ever. Look at your fleet as it crumbles before you, look at your legions as they lay dying before you, look at your meagre planet as it is harvested before you. All of these deaths, hang over your head.”

“As will yours!” He hit a button a console and the ship lurched, plummeting towards the planet. Dagarok lost balance for a split second, and that was all that Kageros needed. He was at Dagarok’s throat in a heartbeat, but the Carrion Lord foresaw such a move and deflected the blow, the sword impaling another Lychguard. Kageros roared continuously as he fought Dagarok and his host of Lychguard, littering the bridge with more and more dead. After several minutes of this, with neither side relenting, Kageros saw an opening and drove his blade through one of Dagarok’s legs, hewing it off above the knee, he slashed upwards and removed Dagarok’s arm, but before he could deal the final blow he vanished in a thick cloud of shadow. Kageros took stock of the environment and rushed over to the same console he had struck earlier, he was still on course, he moved to a separate console and increased the throttle. He looked up and saw Voor’Han growing ever closer, it’s surface having opened up to allow access to its core.

This was it, this was his end, this was the end of the Kageros, the end of a dynasty, the Dahk’ash had won. Or so he wanted the Dahk’ash to think, everything was moving as planned. Kageros let out a slight chuckle, the chuckle turned into a laugh, his last sight was not of Voor’Han, but of the void.

The Tombship plunged deep into the heart of the machine planet. It erupted into an awe inspiring explosion of golden fire and amber energy, it’s ivory surface cracked and buckled at the sheer force of the explosion. Caught in the blast was a vast majority of the Dahk’ash fleet, and the small moon.

Voor’Han, much like the Kageros legions, was utterly shattered. The surrounding area of space was naught but a graveyard of dead metal and broken bodies.

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Dahk'ash Dynasty ~3500pts (Power Level: 182)
War Coven of the Coruscating Gaze ~2000pts (Power Level: 113)
Vectorium of the Thrice-Plagued  
Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

Working on it

Deicded to expand on this story, more to come Enjoy


The cultist nearly tripped as he hurriedly ran down the passageways and halls of the Infernus Class Heavy Cruiser Providence. He clutched a broken piece of metal to his chest as if he held a child, at a glance this object looked to be just another piece of metal, scrap, not something important. He rounded a corner and stopped in his tracks as two guards clad in armor brought their weapons to bear, the tension lingering for only a second.
“Oh, Furban,” Kurkos shouldered his weapon as he spoke, “I don’t remember you being that lithe.” The trio let out a slight chuckle, before Kurkos’ eyes wandered to the object in his old friend's hand.
“What’s that you got there?”
Furban looked at the object, his knuckles a pale white from the grip he had on it.
“I must speak with Lord Drathius, it’s important.” Kurkos’ eyes again wandered to the object, then to his companion that guarded the door with him before giving a nod. He pounded his fist on the plasteel door behind him three times, the door grudgingly opened with a rusty screech. Beyond was the bridge of the Providence, a host of servitors and other mortal men slaved away at the displays and cogitator banks that lined the room. Furban slowed his pace to a fast walk, in the center of the floor was an emboldened chaos star, it was here that he turned around and dropped to one knee and held the object in the air.
“My Liege, we have returned from our latest scavenge with great new-”
“I do not desire metal trinkets,” Drathius’ voice echoed through the chamber, “so either the object you hold is either some relic, or you’ve gone mad and should be thrown in the smelter with that piece of scrap.” Furban lowered his head trying to avert himself from the gaze of the astartes.
“My Liege, it is no relic but neither is it scrap, allow me to demonstrate.” He slowly pulled a dagger from behind his back a struck it against the metal, creating a cut in the metal. Drathius stood as he watched the metal heal itself and form back to its original shape. He stood and walked down the stairs from his throne to where the cultists stood, towering over Furban. His once orderly and simple power armor now twisted and modified to better suit its wearers needs. It still bore the same grey color and red helm it did during the days of the Great Crusade.
“Where was this found,” He greedily snatched it from his subordinates hand and examined it closer, “was there more?”
“Yes my Liege, we found it orbiting a large rock field, the carrion remains of a planet, but there is more my Liege. We found the remnants of ships, unlike anything I have seen, and there was much wreckage about, and nominal levels of radiation.”
“If what you say bears fruit, then you my boy may have just enriched this fleet. Have this as a token for your good work.” He reached into a pouch and pulled out a coin of gold, and gave it to Furban.
“But know this, if we come across this location and there is nothing, I will come back for it.” Furban nodded his head and left the chamber, probably to go brag and gloat. Drathius returned to his throne, and gazed upon the strange metal, he knew what it was, and he knew its value.
“Admiral, alert the fleet and prepare for a warp jump. Plot a course to the Varanza System.”

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Dahk'ash Dynasty ~3500pts (Power Level: 182)
War Coven of the Coruscating Gaze ~2000pts (Power Level: 113)
Vectorium of the Thrice-Plagued  
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Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

Awesome, keep it up!

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Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

Working on it

Thanks! Part three should be up tonight

Dahk'ash Dynasty ~3500pts (Power Level: 182)
War Coven of the Coruscating Gaze ~2000pts (Power Level: 113)
Vectorium of the Thrice-Plagued  
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