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Made in gb
Oozing Plague Marine Terminator

Surfing the Tervigon Wave...on a baby.

So having some thoughts. And kind of hoping local folk decide to get a Necromunda or SWA campaign up and rolling again.

So as per the title - how well do the two mesh?

From what I've see the differences all come in terms of progression which means some sort of hybridisation would have to happen between...

Territories/Caches - I'd be tempted to use the Cache collection rules from SWA but keep the Necromunda territory and income approach. Basically count each cache straight as a 100 cred fuel rod or something and let everyone be able to store it up - that way if a GK or CSM team take a casualty and have enough banked they can recruit an equivalent and not be hosed. It also means that Necromunda gangs would scale up a bit faster as well.

Advancement - though I think this would be fairly easy to figure for Experience - New Recruits = Juve, Trooper = Ganger, Specialist = Heavy, Leader = Leader. It's more a case of figuring out what the maximum stat cap is (though 2nd ed books would help with that easily enough) for advancements.

Special Operatives - Treat like very expensive hired mercenaries?

Anyone tried meshing the two?

Now only a CSM/Dark Mech player. 
Made in us
Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

On YakTribe which is a thriving specialists-games forum, several folks have made 'merges' to varying degrees. Cool forum too.

Please check out my photo blog: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/ 
Made in au
Infiltrating Broodlord

Yeah would recommend Yaktribe

And they already likely have 3 different ways of merging the two up and going
Made in us
Hard-Wired Sentinel Pilot

Oakland, CA

YakTribe is great stuff.

Short answer, the two mesh very well. It does not take much work to help the two games "play well" together.
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