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Regular Dakkanaut

Hey folks,.
So I decided to get into Bb, hoping my boys might show a bit of interest as they dont like 40k. I picked up the box set and have decided to just focus on the humans and orc teams. However, I do like alot of the FW sculpts so added a few extra players.

I have
Mighty Zug
Morg and Thorg
Grak and Crumbleberry

So what I really wanted to do was an ogre team. I understand I couldnt just take all ogres, I need to supplement. Could I use goblins as fillers? I was just going to use Grak, Morg and Thorg, Zug and my Ogre as just all vanilla ogres rather than have a bunch of the same scuplt ogres.

So if I bought the 4 pack goblin box set would that be enough to give me
a human team
an orc team
an ogre team.

Finally I have seen the orcland raiders upgrade sets, are those FW and when will they be released?
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Building a blood in water scent

Ogres are a tough team to start learning with, your Boneheaded Ogres have a tough time playing the ball and your Snots have a tough time staying on the pitch. (with S1 most of the opposing players are going to get 3 die blocks on them)

I used LotR Goblins to represent my Snots, they are quite a bit weedier than the WHFB Gobbos.

Good Luck! (you are coaching Ogres, you're gonna need it)

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I think you'd need more than four Goblins to field an Ogre team. I believe you can have a max of six Ogres on a team, so you'd need at least five goblins just to field a regulation eleven players.

The Orcland Raiders are from Forgeworld, and they should be coming in a month or two I think. Soonish but we don't know exactly when.
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