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Made in us
Squishy Squig


I recently played a three battle campaign with four friends. We used the Necromunda rules and also borrowed a few of the fan-made Inquisimunda rules to make more varied gangs. The campaign began with each player received the following introductory text...

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Each player had brought a warband out to the ruins after overhearing a very interesting conversation...

The four warbands entered the ruins. The Ork Kommandoes clumped through the outskirts sneakily, softly yelling to each other in hushed bellows. The other three warbands followed them at a discreet distance. Eventually it became apparent that the four groups were converging on a city square, and they spread out, ready to move inwards, one to a side, each ready to fight off all comers and seize the treasure for themselves. At this point the Orks noticed that somehow they’d been followed, and the battle was on!

There were several special rules for this battle. The winner would be the first warband to get the treasure off the board or be the last gang to fail a bottle check. The treasure was in one of 8 crates in the centre of the board. Another 16 crates around the outside contained a mixture of good items (free reloads, fragments of treasure map) and bad things (toxic barrels and feral orks).

And the item everyone was after: Guzbag's trezzure.

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The battlefield was full of ruins and rusting containers. It was a dangerous place - not only were the four warbands hostile towards one another, but the place was infested with feral orks. Anyone who started clattering about searching crates was liable to startle the Orks inside, sleeping off a night of scrappin' and squig beer.

And the four warbands approached:

A gang of scrap miners seeking the one big motherload:

A gang of Imperial Militia out to confiscate some dangerous treasure and kick some ass

A gang of local scum, Cauldron's Ghosts, keen to get their hands on the loot:

And the Pirate Kommandoes themselves:

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The Imperial Militia started off by getting into some careful overwatch positions overlooking the centre of the battlefield, where the treasure inevitably lay.

Unfortunately their slow and steady strategy was holed almost immediately as they also investigated a crate and discovered it sat over the nest of a particularly ferocious feral ork. Several men piled in, in an attempt to make short work of the unexpected greenskin.

But the Ork proved to be amazingly lucky or skilled, taking down all three of them in a single combat! Not a good start for the Emperor's men in gray.

Meanwhile Cauldron's Ghosts were spreading out, expecting that their cunning and a lifetime on the mean streets of Cauldron Prime had honed their senses for danger:

Their sneaking had mixed results. One of them stuck his hand into a crate, discovered it was full of burning toxic waste, and immediately collapsed unconscious from the pain. Another found a bunch of ammo that was an exact match for his autogun - what are the odds?

The miners uncovered a fraction of treasure map, then began to make a suspiciously straight beeline towards a certain crate in the centre. They were close together, a risky move considering a well timed grenade could take out half their gang, but no one else was so close to the centre - for now.

The Pirate Kommandoes went straight for the centre too, attracting a few shots from the other factions' overwatching marksmen, all of which went wide. They stealthily obliterated a crate to discover... more feral orks

Feral Orks were quickly becoming the bane of each warband's battle, as even the mighty Ork Pirate Kommando Kaptin was unable to defeat the feral Ork, which locked him in combat. Then his kommandoes accidentally uncovered another one while rummaging stealthily in a nearby crate - now the Kaptin really had his hands full! His pet squig Kuddles went down while saving his master.

Meanwhile another barrel of toxic waste melted another of Cauldron's ghosts arms off and the Militia downed another Ghost with a lucky overwatch shot. With that the whole gang decided it was far too dangerous round here and quit the field.

The Imperial Militia and Ork Pirate Kommandoes put the squeeze on the miners from either side. The flamer maanaged to get a shot off, scorching the lead militiaman but unable to hold them back. Overwatch shots from their heavy stubber went wide and several men went down. They had come forward too far, too fast.

And the overextended miners were the next to flee the city square. The Milita moved to intercept the Orks, who lacked long range accuracy and were caught up in hand to hand with their feral cousins.

The Militia assumed a well-aimed grenade would rid them of the Pirate Kaptin...

But actually it just blew up the two ferals he was fighting - "Fanks fer dat assist, ladz..." freeing up the Kaptin and his terrifying (but up until now fairly useless) powerklaw.

And suddenly the Imperial Militia were facing the Pirate Kommandoes' finest in hand to hand. Finally he worked out how to switch on his klaw and eviscerated the nearest Militiaman.

This was too much for the Imperials to handle, and they failed their bottle check, leaving the field to the Orks! The greenskins could now collect the mysterious treasure at their leisure. But the other gangs would regroup in the ruins, so while the Orks had won round one, escaping with the treasure would be another matter entirely...

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Made in de
Regular Dakkanaut

Nice battle report. Besides, that vintage Freebooter Kaptin is simply gorgeous.
Made in us
Squishy Squig


Nice battle report. Besides, that vintage Freebooter Kaptin is simply gorgeous.

Thank you! Here's a close up of the Kaptin (and Kuddles).

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Battle Report 2

After a hurried skirmish that saw the would-be ambushers driven back into the ruins, it was the Ork Pirate Kommandoes that were carrying Guzbag's treasure towards the waiting transport. However, the treasure chest was heavy, and the other three gangs had time to set up around the flier in wait. This would be there last chance to stop the pirates from getting away and claim the treasure for themselves - whatever it was!

The jumpy pilot would take off as soon as any one of the gangs clambered aboard with the treasure. He wasn't interested in who they were, just that he would get paid.

This is how we represented the heavy treasure chest in-game.

The battle started with the flier at one edge and the Orks deploying on the far side. They would have to make their way up an avenue of death to escape with the loot.

The imperial militia were on one side of the avenue, and Cauldron's ghosts on the other. The miners deployed around the flier. Together, they could put up a wall of firepower that would surely stop the pirates in their tracks. But that's if they didn't shoot at each other first...

The Orks had a long gauntlet to run.

The Orks began by splitting into two groups, moving to engage the imperial militia to their left while the Orks carrying the treasure hung back and waiting for the dust to settle.

Unfortunately, as they clustered through a doorway a well timed flamer blast and then a couple of grenades from the militia knocked the teef out of this enthusiastic assault. The Orks, having lost over half their gang on turn one, dropped the treasure and legged it into the ruins.

The militia began to move towards the treasure.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the battlefield, the miners and Cauldron's Ghosts couldn't stand the tension and began to unload at each other around the flier. In a brutal round of shooting and close combat several men were downed (though not taken out of action) and then most of them realised they'd only been flesh wounded and jumped back up again.

A grenade from the miners seemed to settle things, downing four Ghosts in one - in the narrow streets, grenades were proving to be particularly effective!

On the upper levels, things were going rather better for the Ghosts, as they pushed forward against the miners' heavy stubber and boltgun wielders, taking both out of action and surrounding the flier from above.

However, by now both these gangs were having to take bottle checks every turn, and the Imperial Militia were beginning to tentatively make their way towards the flier in loose formation (after all, they'd been the first to work out what grenades were capable of in a confined space). And as they prepared to give one final push through the miners and Ghosts, both gangs broke! The sight of the Militia surging forward had been enough to break them.

The militia clambered into the waiting flier and took off with the treasure. Now all that remained was to prise it open and see what's so special about the legendary Guzbag's treasure...

Meanwhile their scattered opponents looked up in defeat. But perhaps this wouldn't be the last they saw of Guzbag's treasure...

Battle 3 of 3 to follow soon!

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Made in ca
Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller

This is amazing, I'll definitely be following this series in the future.

Made in us
Squishy Squig


Battle report 3

Unfortunately, as the Imperial Militia discovered as they streaked into the sky in their getaway ship, the treasure chest was booby trapped. It blew a hole out of the side of the ship, tearing off an engine and sending them in a slow smoking spiral back into the ruins. Their greedy rivals, sensing that now was their chance to finally get their hands on the treasure, converged on the wrecked ship as the stunned Militiamen staggered out.

However, their glee was short lived. The players were handed the following...

In a strange turn of events, the rivals were forced to forget their quarrel and stand shoulder to shoulder against the slavering horde. And the Pirate Kommandos, who had a little more Mork (cunning but brutal) than Gork (brutal but cunning) about them, had the sense to realise that their brutal Orkish cousins wouldn't distinguish between 'umies and well-dressed Pirate Kommandos like themselves. Distasteful though they all found it, and with frequent glances over the shoulders, the humans let the Kommandos take up defensive positions on the front side of the crashed flier, while they covered both sides and the rear.

If they survived long enough, the players would eventually face the feral ork's warboss. Defeating him was the only way to stop the waves of feral orks. If they couldn't take him down, they would surely be overwhelmed. However, the warboss wasn't an easy target...

So the players deployed and loaded their remaining ammunition. Every player was under strength, having lost one or two of their gang members to the previous missions. They would need to make their remaining men and bullets count.

In a stroke of good fortune, the ship had come down in an explosives dump, and the ruins here were littered with highly explosive barrels. A well-placed shot would cause these to detonate, and hopefully take a few ferals out with them. Unfortunately, several of these barrels were close enough to the ship to ruin the players' day if anyone else targeted them.

The players started by opening up in all directions, taking down several feral Orks - almost the entire first wave. It looked like they could hold this position forever. Except for the fact that 3 of the miner gang, 2 of Cauldron's ghosts and 2 Imperial Militia had run out of bullets - including their most powerful weapon, the heavy stubber. The Pirate Kommandoes were doing fine though, holding their position and waiting for a right proper scrap. They also sidled up to the treasure chest and began to drag it out of the ruined ship. No one noticed.

No one paid much attention to this however, as the two gangs closest to the battlefield's edge - the Miner gang and Cauldron's Ghosts - had noticed that they were very close to the feral orks, a couple of which managed to reach them in a charge.

This was very dangerous. The Feral Orks were individually better in hand to hand than any of the humans on the field, and to hold back the horde the humans needed time and distance to pick off the Orks. In the furious melee of close combat, they couldn't target the Orks. Almost everyone took a few steps back, now with their backs to the ruined flier.

The Kommando Pirates didn't fall back however, they let off a few shots at the nearest ferals and barrels (causing a huge daisy chain explosion that took out two feral orks but also a Pirate Kommando, one of Cauldron's Ghosts, and set the downed flier on fire) then prepared to charge.

The line was holding, for now, but starting to get tied up around the edges. The Imperial Militia still had clear line of site down the long street.

As two more miners and two more of Cauldron's Ghosts went down, the Kommandos charged the nearest ferals, tearing though them and leaving a gap for the two pirates who were jogging towards the battlefield's edge with the treasure, unchallenged.

On turn 3, the warboss entered the fray, and more feral orks poured in from every direction in unusually high numbers.

Immediately, the humans focused fire on the warboss. First they had to shoot a few of his cronies out of the way, but this left the way clear for the next turn.

Unfortunately, this also left the warboss within charging distance. He hilariously outfought a brave but foolish Imperial Militiaman, inflicting something like 9 wounds.

More Orks came in from every edge. The Pirate Kommandos showed unusually good accuracy for Orks, and shot down two of the ferals, leaving their side of the field wide open. The Kaptin even had time to pose with a burning space ship behind him, looking cool.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ship the humans managed to bring the Warboss down to his final wound with the miners' heavy stubber, which ran out of bullets at that very moment.

More orks poured towards the centre...

Even though another couple of men went down, the Warboss was finally taken down by massed firepower. Now no more orks would enter the fray, and all the defenders had to do was defeat the feral orks currently charging towards them, albeit with dwindling ammo and mounting casualties. At this point the Pirate Kommandos ducked out via the battlefield edge, carrying the treasure. It wasn't a mission objective, but surely getting away with the treasure while pulling a fast one on a bunch of 'umies and getting a good scrap into the bargain is in the best spirit of Mork.

With less than half strength remaining on all sides, the last feral Ork was downed as it snuck up between two buildings.

And with that the battle was won. Every side had survived, but at great cost.

And so the rival humans rather bashfully collected their dead and wounded and disappeared into the ruins, where they were haunted by the snickering laughter of the victorious pirate kommandos.

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Made in us
Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

Dude this stuff is so amazing. It has really inspired me to do something similar with SWA on my blog - we are getting together this weekend to finally try it all out.

I have to admit though - it would look SOO much better with some painted terrain and table.

Please check out my photo blog: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/ 
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