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Availability of battlegroup boxes/Warmahordes in general in Europe  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I'm about to start my journey into Warmachine/Hordes and wanted to grab a battlegroup box for two different armies (one for the person I'll be playing with). I managed to find the one I wanted (Legion of Everblight) but I'm having trouble finding the Retribution of Scyrah battlegroup in stock anywhere. Is this a common occurrence for privateer press games in Europe?

If anyone has any tips on finding these miniatures in the Netherlands (or somewhere that ships to NL with reasonable postage costs) that'd be much appreciated.

As a side question, I understand we'll be able to play against each other with no problem even though I've taken a Hordes army and the other player has taken a Warmachine one, is that right?

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That way,then left

The store closest to me has pretty much one of each starter on its shelves , from memory.
Playing Hordes vs Warmachine works, the only difference is how you manage your battlegroup (leader and warjacks/warbeasts)
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