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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all

Is this combo legal/illegal/just plain cheesy..

Inquistor kitted with storm shield, bolter and power sword. Bolter for use when shooting at range. Shield cannot be used, no 3+ invulnerable save. Charged by enemy and switches to storm shield and sword for close work.

Is this affected by the rules Re basic weapons and two weapon bonus in melee?
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PanOceaniac Hacking Specialist Sergeant

There's nothing stopping you from using ranged weapons in any form when equipped with a storm shield.

In fact, you can fire a bolter or needle pistol or plasma or combi-melta or whatever, while also benefitting from 3+ invuln against shooting--- then when you charge or get charged, instantly get your melee weapon and still get 3+ invuln.

The only thing you cannot do is gain +1 attack for dual weapons, or use a parry if you aren't using a sword in the melee (such as if you use your pistol instead)

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