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Armpit of NY

Did this game get a bit overproduced? I bought it and some things on release in 2016, and recently decided I was not going to keep it, as I had never gotten around to playing. Upon deciding to sell, I checked around on eBay first. And I was pretty shocked to find plentiful, new unopened copies of the game selling in the $60-$70 range, some as low as $50. Used or opened copies - forget about it, practically worthless. I mean, the game lists for $100, and discounters have it for $80-85. It looks like there were just too many out there, and people are having hard time getting rid of them. I decided to not even bother selling mine now. It was open but untouched, and I'm not going to be able to get much of anything for it. And that is kind of unusual for a GW product.
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Myrtle Creek, OR

I bought a copy thinking the FGSs (there are 3 for a town of 35k and all 3 carry the game) would be sponsoring leagues.

I got one game in with a guy who had the previous edition as he walked me through the play. After that, nothing.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Building a blood in water scent

The fact that GW decided to DLC the gak out of the game hampered it's success IMO. You buy the base box, and it's missing most of what you need for anything other than one off games of Orcs vs Humans.

it could have been great.

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Nowadays every douche with an extra hundred will buy extras to put on eBay, doesn't really work out of the box isn't limited

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Armpit of NY

Maybe so...but I am not one of your 'douches'. I unwisely got a copy, and it seemed like I wasn't going to use it, so I wanted to dump it. But it is practically worthless when you can buy a new copy for $50. And it's still unusual for a GW product to retain so little of its value.
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman


Problem is the relaunch of the game doesnt really bring anything new that is worth while, assuming you are not into the models (I am).

But it is a cold fact that many buy GW boxed games just to resell them at a suitable moment. Also have to realise many people stick to old models and internet provides new rules.

Dont know how somewhere else, but at my local town relaunch of Blood Bowl re-ignited the interest towards the game.
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