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Nova Open 2017: 40k GT Tournament Photos  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Hello everyone! Did another one of my crazy photo thons. Hope you enjoy them!

Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norfolk, VA

Awesome. My eye balls are happy!
Made in ie
Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Thanks for the pics and effort, some superb stuff there!

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks! Appreciate it!

If you want even more photos, here are the other sites I've collected.





Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nova just put up their photos as well!

Made in za
Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle

South Africa

Wow looks like a sick event here big tournaments have like 30 players tops.

Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind. 
Made in us
Brainy Zoanthrope

West Bend WI.

Yeah, thanks for putting in the effort to post all of these. That is one of the things I like most about the big events, you always get to play against beautifully painted armies!

on the way. 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Glad you guys enjoy the photos. Seeing the armies and beautiful paintjob/conversions everyone comes up with is my absolute favorite part of the hobby!

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