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Made in gb
Master Engineer with a Brace of Pistols

This list is the result of my experiences playing against Stormcast. I’m set on the models. It’s just the load out I’m not sure about, so any help with that would be great.

Admiral with Gattlesson’s Endless Repeater. Opportunistic Privateers trait.




10 arkanauht fighters with volley gun, light sky hook and sky pike

10 arkanauht fighters with volley gun, light sky hook and sky pike

10 thunderers with 2 mortars, 2 decksweepers and 2 cannons.

6 skywardens with drill cannon and volley gun

3 edrinriggers

Ironclad with edrinwork


I’m probably going to pick the last word as my edrinwork. The only question is, which ship to put it on? I’m actually thinking of putting it on the frigate to be honest. Those things need all the help they can get.
Made in dk
Sneaky Sniper Drone

You need one more battleline unit for 2000 points, at least if you are palying matched play. Drop the Navigator and you have the points for that last company unit.

I would put "the last word" on the ironclad, that thing is gonna be your opponents top prioritry. Also I would just use the normal guns on the thunderers.

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Made in gb
Master Engineer with a Brace of Pistols

So I tweaked things a bit and this is how the list stands now:

Admiral with opportunistic privateers command trait and gattlessons Endless Repeater


3 units of 10 arkanauhts (with 1 of each kind of special weapon)

1 unit of 10 Thunderers (all with athershot rifles)

2 units of 3 Endrinriggers

2 units of 3 Sky wardens (with drill cannon and volley gun)

1 Ironclad with The Last Word

1 frigate

I had to make some tough choices there but I think they were the right ones. My only concern is, should I use the skyriggers as they are or put them into units of six?

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