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Fresh-Faced New User

I need help clarifying the following rule for pitched battles

" Spells or abilities that allow you to add models to existing units don't cost any reinforcement points. However, in a pitch battle spells or abilities cannot increase the number of models in a unit to more than it had at the start of the battle"

When I read that along with the chaos deamon "Icon Bearer" ability

"Models in the unit may be icon bearers. If you roll a 1 when taking a battleshock test for the unit that includes any icon bearers, reality blinks and the deamonic horde is bolstered. Add D6 Pink horrors to the unit"

Means that I can add D6 models as long as it doesn't add more than the original number of models the unit. If I lose 5 models take a battleshock test roll a 1 then a 6 I will be adding 5 models to that unit unless I pay reserve point for the 6 one. Thats what I get from that
However or is it only for slain models like the example provided that reads

"I.E. You can replace slain models but not create new models for a unit"

Again I read, I can add models with out going over the original amount of models that I had to begin with. Or does the rule has to say slain models?

How will it work for Mighty Host that reads

"Once during battle, in your hero phase, you can replace a unit of Oakenbrow Dryads or Tree- Revenats that has been completely destroyed with and identical unit"

Which one of the 2 required reserve points ???

Thank you guys and sorry to bother I just wanna know whats the correct way
Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Deamon Icon - does not cost points - but You can'r exceed the number of starting models in a unit.

Oakenbrow - does cost points (like Alarielles spell) coz you create a new unit
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