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your mind

Here is how I do it:
Undercoat black, or brown.
Drybrush white, many thin coats, starting with the brush a bit less dry than typically used for a "dry"brushing and then working into a dryer brush. The dryer the brush, the more the white will concentrate on the edges. This will produce a gradient.
Paint with a thin coat of the yellow that you like. The thinned paint should allow for the gradient of white underneath to show through, and for the recessed and still darker areas to take on the shadow.
Once dry, drybrush white again, this time with a dry brush catching especially the high areas and edges, and using the brush to add white to main areas (centers of plates, tops of helmets, tops of gunbarrels, and so on) that should be reflecting more light, adding to the sense of the source lighting on the model.
Paint again with a thin coat of the yellow that you like.
Edge highlight if necessary, else done.

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I don't understand the black undercoat, if the next step is to get a solid yellow base.
With a white undercoat, the final yellow might be a tad more vibrant (although the difference wouldn't be huge with averland sunset), but it would be a lot easier to get a nice base, especially with a brush on a vehicle.
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I am working on my Bad Moons Ork army and all my basecoats are a light flat yellow. I go over that with a wash of yellow to brighten it further, then a few washes of orange, brown, black to get a final color to my liking.
I think black basecoats are just too much work when working with washes. You could start with white, but in my case I went ahead and started with yellow. The yellow doesn't seem to affect my Ork greenskin either. So far I am liking it. (No pics yet, but soon. Just finished my first 10 boys, and another 40+ to go, then vehicles...)
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