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Nimble Pistolier


I play Renegades for the love of it. For finding models that normally don't fit and using them. Because I love guard tanks, but hate imperium models besides them. Because I like proxying daemons and like the newish CSM/DG models. But when it comes to playing. I look at my codex and feel defeated before I even start. I feel like I need to either play solo guard and just say they're "traitors", or just ignore them completely.

So here's my attempt at making them fair. I don't want to be OP. I just want to feel like I have a chance.

Starting with the model list. All of which I have no problem with. I'd personally request to add baneblade variants and Cyclops Demo Vehicles as I feel they fit the "renegade" and the randomness themes well. Plus I found a cheap shadowsword/stormlord that I want to use someday.... It's a bit self serving, I know...

Random LD is fine and fluffy. No changes
Covenents need a full on change.
  • Covenent of Khorne - Copy paste Catachan Doctrine

  • Covenent of Nurgle - All INFANTRY units gain Disgustingly Resilient. If a unit already has Disgusting Resilient add a +1 modifier to its Disgustingly Resilient role.

  • Covenent of Tzeentch - Copy Paste Cadian Doctrine

  • Covenent of Slaanesh - Copy paste Tallarn Doctrine

  • This gives the user some real choices to make I think. While adding doctrines/covenents but keeping orders out of reach, it keeps the models up to par a bit without having to worry too much about going excess.

  • Renegade Commander - No change except adding that he picks a covenent for the detachment. Places 25 pt tax on a covenent for a detachment. But also allows an army to have multiple covenents if necessary.

  • Malefic Lord - Can we all agree that the nerf was a bit too hard? I know 30 points was a steal, but can we make it so I'm not just trying to cut myself to have one or two? Say 60-65 points?

  • Rogue Psycher Coven - Don't know that this needs a change. Can we add staves and CC weapons that are STR user, 0 AP, 1 Dmg just for ease of modeling opportunities?

  • Fanatical Enforcer - Like to add this. Enforcer with +1W, +1LD +1A. Instead of killing D3 kills 1. Add Special Rule: "Rare: May only take one of these models in a detachment". 50 points to start out with? Just would like an option that isn't a second useless commander in a detachment.

  • Troops
  • Cultists are fine

  • Militia - No points change, but can we bring BS down to 4+? Makes them more of a ranged option, especially with access to specials and HWTs. Keeps cultists as a more melee specialist.

  • Mutants - Can we bring these down to 3ppm? BS/WS 5+, and chance to kill themselves before even deploying.... I'll even give up the +1T chance. Just trying to find a job for them since cultists got buffed.

  • Fast Attack
  • No changes here. Spawns are fine. Beasts don't get doctrines as well. Sentinels are fine.

  • Elites
  • Command Squad - 7ppm increase. Tax for covenents as they were fine before it.

  • Disciples - 7ppm. I'm really having trouble finding a role. Marauders are just better. Any suggestions?

  • Marauders - 7 PPM increase. Tax for Covenents.

  • Ogryn Beast Handlers - Can we increase movement speed by 2"? Just not finding a use for them right now as they are too slow and can't be put in a transport. Also, can we just move them to FA?

  • Renegade Ogryn - Hit like trucks but fall down faster then a bag of rocks. Let's end some of the abuse by adding "Until end of phase" to Combat Stims. Clearly was RAI, but was some reason omitted. Can we increase the save to 4+? Hiding them in a chimera works great. But they go in, attack one thing, then die to shooting currently. at 30ppm, its pretty steep for a glass cannon. 4+/6++?

  • Plague Ogryn - Same problem as the other ogryn. I'd like to give them Disgustingly Resilient. This makes the covenent give them it on a 5+. No other saves necessary and at 25ppm, squad can be pretty sacrificial.

  • Heavy Support
  • Heavy Weapons Teams - Can we give them the option to go to BS4 for a 2ppm tax? Making them 5PPM. This allows us to take mortars hitting on 5s for 26 points. I kinda want to make lascannon/autocannon teams viable, I just don't know how without effecting the gun balance. This would make 3 lascannons hitting on 4s 75 points. Still feels steep, but its better than hitting on 5s for 69 points.

  • Once again, I don't want to see this abused. I don't want to see it abused in soup lists... But at the same time, I would like to field 1500-2000 points of my renegades and not feel like I'm facing an uphill battle.
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