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Greetings and salutations, surface-dwellers. Long-time lurker here, finally getting around to sharing all the minis I've done up over the past couple years.

I started out as TFG, seeing Miniwargaming Owen stomp all challengers with his Tau, thinking that's a good way to make friends and form lasting relationships. Fortunately for everyone in my local gaming circuit, I never actually got enough fish painted to have a battle-worthy force. I've played a grand total of one game of 40k, and I'm okay with that. I just love building and painting things.

I guess I'm more of a fluff player now. I say that knowing I've literally written a planet's worth of lore to fully justify how heretic Guardsmen can fight Tyranids, Necrons and Tau on an Ork-infested jungle planet in the Segmentum Pacificus, so "more" of a fluff player might be the understatement of the week.

Apart from 40k stuff, I have way too many Dystopian Wars models lying around unpainted. French, Federated States Union, and Blazing Sun, almost all are bare resin. I aim to fix that.

I also helped run a small... we'll say "competitive collaborative writing project" masquerading as a DnD setting, which really started me on painting minis. Once I get my gallery all sorted out I'll get a thread going and tell some stories because hooboy, are there some interesting stories to tell about that.
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Welcome to Dakka

IceAngel wrote:I must say Knightley, I am very envious of your squiggle ability. I mean, if squiggles were a tactical squad, you'd be the sergeant. If squiggles were an HQ, you'd be the special character. If squiggles were a way of life, you'd be Doctor Phil...
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Gitsplitta wrote:I am but a pretender... you are... the father of all squiggles. .
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Here is a google search for images of Cthulhu to pick as a forum avatar in reference to your name:




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