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Made in au
Sister Vastly Superior

Had a game of SoB vs Niddies today.

Game: Eternal War
Mission: Capture and Control
Setup: Search and Destroy.


++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum) [52 PL, 999pts] ++

+ HQ +

Canoness [4 PL, 58pts]: 1. Legendary Fighter, Blade of Admonition, Inferno pistol, Power sword, Warlord

Celestine [8 PL, 200pts]: Celestine

+ Troops +

Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 86pts]
. 2x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Heavy flamer
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Sister Superior: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 86pts]
. 2x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Heavy flamer
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Sister Superior: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

Battle Sister Squad [8 PL, 91pts]
. 5x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Storm bolter
. Sister Superior: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

+ Elites +

Imagifier [2 PL, 40pts]

+ Fast Attack +

Seraphim Squad [4 PL, 91pts]
. 2x Seraphim
. Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol, Bolt pistol
. Seraphim w/ Special Weapons: 2x Inferno Pistols
. Seraphim w/ Special Weapons: 2x Inferno Pistols

+ Heavy Support +

Exorcist [8 PL, 141pts]: Hunter-killer missile

+ Dedicated Transport +

Immolator [5 PL, 103pts]: Immolation Flamer

Immolator [5 PL, 103pts]: Immolation Flamer

++ Total: [52 PL, 999pts] ++


Tyranids (close approximation):

Hive Tyrant w/venom cannon and tail and some special talons.

Tyranid prime w/heavy bolter like weapon (i think) bonesword and lash.

5x warriors. 4 w/HB like weapons. 1x venom cannon. All with lashes.

1 brood of 3 zoanthropes.

2x30 gaunts (stabby stabby kind)

Hive Fleet Behemoth.


I set up defensively to try to cover myself from the deep striking tyrant, fully expecting to go second.
8 girl bss deployed on my objective atop a building along with the Imagifier. These girls twiddled their thumbs the whole game so i wont mention them to save time except that the imagifier actually passed 3 faith rolls in a row.
Exorcist deployed up back and was forgotten about after the second turn so it shall not be mentioned again.

To my surprise, my opponent elected to let me go first...

Sisters Turn 1:

Celestine faith jumped towards right side gaunt blob.

Celestine closed gap on gaunt blob.
Right side Immolator advanced on the right gaunt blob but fell half an inch shy of flamer range.
Left Immolator moved to RIs former position to fill deep strike buffer gap.

Celestine fluffs her flame attack.

Celestine charged the blob and took out 4 gaunts.
Gaunt inflict 9 wounds in return and Celestine fails 3 saves.

The combat drew the gaunts out of synapse range of the zoanthropes, but a 1 one the morale dice saves their skin.

Niddy Turn 1:

Zoanthropes move to synapse cover the right gaunt blob.
Left gaunt blob advance up their side.
Hive Tyrant doesnt try to penetrate my lines and instead drops near the RI.

Zoanthropes smite Celestine down to 1 wound and fail to cast catalyst on gaunts
HT smites a wound off the RI and fails to cast catalyst.

HT venom cannon takes a couple more wounds off the RI.

HT charges RI.
RI overwatches well and HT takes 3 unsaved wounds.
HT swings and reduces RI to 5 wounds.
Gaunts swing at Celestine who passes her saves. Niddies stratagem Caustic Blood...cheeky.
Celestine takes out another 4 gaunts. 2 mortal wounds on Celestine. She reappears in niddy deployment zone near the zoanthropes.

Sisters Turn 2:

Celestine faith jumps next to the thropes.
Seraphim no longer needed as DS buffers and counters, faith jump towards the warriors on left side in ruins.

Seraphim move to melta range of warriors.
Cannoness and BSS jump out of RI. RI falls back from combat.
LI advances towards left gaunt blob, just reaching flamer range.

LI takes down 4 gaunts.
Seraphim whiff their shots in a big way. Dealing only 3 damage from an inferno pistol.
Cannones waves her inferno pistol at the HT showing how pretty it is.
Heavy flamer in BSS is only thing to cause a few unsaved wounds on the HT.
Celestine flames a wound off a thrope.

Celestine charges the thropes and takes one out.
BSS charge HT, 2 die to overwatching venom cannon. Cannoness charges in too.
Cannoness waves her Blade about showing how pretty it is.
BSS glare at the HT.
HT eats BSS. First Blood.
Seraphim charge warriors. One dies to overwatch.
Seraphim flail about.
Warriors take down another seraphim.

Niddy Turn 2:

Left gaunt blob move well within charge range of seraphim.
Right gaunt blob advance on Celestine position.
Thropes fall back from combat.

HT fails Catalyst
Thropes smite 3 wounds of Celestine. Thropes cast Onslaught on the advanced gaunts. Sisters "get that psychic crap outta here" stratagem succeeds and denies Onslaught.

Left gaunts charge the seraphim. When the dust settles, theres a single seraphim left.
Cannoness interrupts to show off her blade some more
HT sneezes causing 1 damage to Cannoness.

Seraphim passes morale.

Sisters Turn 3:

Celestine faith flames the guant blob thats been after her and knocks out 5.
Cannoness really loves to show how pretty the blade is.

Celestine moves closer to thropes.
Seraphim jump out and over combat to land in melta range behind the Prime.
LI moves to flamer range of now unengaged gaunt blob.
RI advances on the gaunt blob pursuing Celestine.

Seraphim fires infernos at the Prime, dealing 5 damage. 1 short of a kill.
RI and LI open up on their respective gaunt squads, both roasting around 4 gaunts each.
Celestine flames her gaunt squad again taking out another 3.
Cannoness tickles HT with her inferno.

Seraphim charges the Prime. (Illegal in hindsight but we got excited. This resulted in her death in the ensuing combat)
Celestine charges and takes down another thrope.
Cannoness just loves to show off how pretty that blade is...HT gets bored and stomps her.
Cannoness stylishly Martyred, Sisters Martyrdom stratagem, Celestine faithfully slays the last thrope.

Celestines gaunt squad scatters and eats itself as the only source of nearby synapse falls. Celestine holds the niddy objective.

Niddy Turn 3:

Warriors, gaunts and Prime all turn tail and head straight for Celestine and their objective, allowing the RI and 8 girl BSS to breath a sigh of relief as the pressure is taken off at the sight of some 30 models falling back.
HT moves in front of LI.

HT casts catylist. Succeeds but perils in the process and loses 2 wounds.
Fails to smite.

Only Prime can see Celestine through a window in her ruin. It fires and Celestine takes 1 damage.
HT fluffs the venom cannon.

HT tries to charge RI but is roasted to amazing overwatch.

Sisters Turn 4:

Celestine heals herself back 3 wounds.

Capitalising on the faltered niddy line, BSS inside LI aggressively disembark toward the gaunt blob.
LI and RI both advance towards the niddy objective. RI manages to make flame range.
Celestine hides deeper into ruin cover to avoid LoS and stay on objective.

BSS, RI and LI unleash hell upon the gaunt blob. When the flames die down, theres a single gaunt left.

LI multicharges the remaining gaunt and nearby warriors. Takes a few damage from overwatch. Sucessfully ties both units in combat. Fails to hit.
Warriors smash it big time causing it to explode!
Explosion takes out the last gaunt and the Prime and a wound off a warrior.

Niddy Turn 4:

Warriors move closer to their objective.

Fire at Celestine cause 2 damage.

Sisters Turn 5:

BSS faithfully move towards warriors.
Forgot to do Celestine faith.

RI moves to 3" of niddy objective.
BSS move nice and close to warriors.
Celestine jumps out to join the bbq.

All unleash on the warriors. Dropping a few models.

Celestine finishes off the last warrior in combat.

Game end:

Sisters 2 objective, slay warlord and line breaker. Total 8

Niddies slay warlord and first blood. Total 2.
Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Well done, I especially approve of the copious use of fire in purging the xenos. I would give much to have Immolators as an option for Marines. 12" Flamer and it's Assault not Heavy? Sold.

Not to armchair QB but how do you forget your Excorcist, lol? Just like fighting left handed or something?

"The Ultramarines are here to save us!"

"Those are the Sons of Orar."

"O R they!" 
Made in au
Sister Vastly Superior

Yes, Immolator goodness is Assault. Takes me back to the good ole codex witch hunter days I do like a lot of fire in my lists. Not a fan of the storm bolter spam many go for these days.
This list was one Id written up a few days before hand in hopes of attending a tournament (which wifey has now said no to). It worked well against this opponent, but i think it would have been a different game if my opponent had played the death guard he was playing when i first asked for a game.
That said, it was still a close game that felt like it could have gone either way. Seeing all those gaunts at the start of the game really had me sweating.

Ha! It was actually surprisingly easy to forget about it. The board had a fair amount of terrain on it and my opponent had the smarts to hide his warriors out of sight. And the Thropes were just out if range.
It fired in the first 2 turns: once at the warriors in the first turn and did nothing due to only having 2 shots that both missed. Again in the second turn at the Hive Tyrant but again, 2 shots that both missed.
After that it was a combination of disgust at the things poor performance, lack of ideal targets and a lot of things in combat that it just got overlooked.
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