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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced Inquisitorial Acolyte

What do you guys thunk of this list:

Megaboss on mawkrusha
- reduce rend trait
-6++ relic

Megaboss on foot
-+1 damage relic on his choppa



5 brutes

5 brutes

6 gore gruntas

Ironskulls boys (the shadespire guys)

(Allied) 30 savage ork arrow boyz

--Ironfist batallion--

2000pts spot on

First thoughts:

1) im well aware the shadespire guys seem terrible... but the models are cool and list seemed boring with 3 warchanters (will probably swap it back in if going competetive though...)

2) ive always found lack of shooting to be ironjawz biggest weakness so swapped a unit of 20 ardboyz for the allied arrow boyz, only used them once but they performed amazingly

3) i want to keep deployments to a minimum, this is a very small, elite army so i want to try and ensure 1st turn and those thurn 1 charges from at least the gruntas but hopefully the mawkrusha as well

Any thoughts?
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