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Dakka Veteran

I'm considering scratch building a couple of Centaurs for my small IG force. Looking at using them in a tallarn list, to carry a command squad and an officer.

Looking at their stats, compared to a sentinel:

Can carry a few guys
Weapon load-out is more consistent with number of shots
Tougher then both types of sentinels (more wounds, hire toughness, higher armor)
Shorter, so easier to hide behind hills and taller buildings.

No scout move
Not as good in melee despite double the attacks (not that sentinels are all that much better)
No AT weapons, or pintle options, only heavy stubbers and an H/K missile
Wider and longer, harder to hide behind narrow terrain. Might not fit through some openings compared to sentinels.
More expensive. Costs start to balance out after including heavy weapons on the sentinels.

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If you're using Tallarn there's a question mark over using command squads at all; the ambush trait works best if you can ambush something beefy (like a tank commander).

There's also the detail regarding the Sentinel being FA choices - and one of the better ones to fill in a brigade for tasty CP goodness.

Centaurs are really only good for style and theme; they're neither proper tanks nor proper transports, nor proper IFV. For what it's worth, they do benefit from the Defensive Gunners and Crush Them strat which may make a difference in a close game.

*Cadian* centaurs with hunter killer missiles *might* have a role to play with the stratagem, but that's a really goofy trickshot.

So in short, Trojan > Spare Points > Sentinel > Centaur

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Now it's bugging you too. 
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Dakka Veteran

Fair enough, thanks!
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Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller

Centaurs are really a Krieg thing I'm afraid, as when crammed with 5 grenadiers the little fellas gain scout move. It's really nice, as our grenadiers are WS3+, and can bring all the toys, so centaurs function as board control and the fastest effective transports in the game. Outside of that use, I can say that they're entirely underwhelming once they've delivered their squad, other than to charge and tie up units, which they do well enough.
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