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Made in us
Disbeliever of the Greater Good


I have the following lots for sale, I would prefer to not break up the smaller lots but will consider breaking the blood angels into smaller lots.

Blood Angels lot: $700
1 Storm Raven
3 Drop pods
1 Land speeder
1 Attack bike
1 Dreadnought w/ frag cannon
1 Death Company Dreadnought
1 Venerable Dreadnought with lascannons
Multi melta, plasma cannon, assault cannon arms, and librarian dread bits for Dreadnought
20 Death Company with jump packs
10 Assault marines with jump packs
5 Lightning claw terminators
5 Thunder hammer terminators
5 Scouts with bolters
9 Scouts with sniper rifles
1 Scout with missile launcher
7 Dark Vengeance tacticals
4 Dark Vengeance plasma guns
4 Dark Vengeance plasma cannons
1 Dark Vengeance Sgt
1 Dark Vengeance librarian
Captain Karlean
1 space marine commander
2 metal sgts with power fists
1 Company champion
2 apothecaries 1 metal 1 plastic
1 Standard bearer
1 metal Dark Angels standard bearer
3 metal Dark Angels in robes
24 tactical marines with bolters
2 tacticals with dual hand flamers
2 tacticals with dual infernus pistols
1 tactical with combi melta
4 tacticals with melta guns
1 tactical with plasma gun
4 tacticals with flamers
2 tacticals with grav guns
2 tacticals with heavy flamers
11 Devestators - 1 lascannons, 2 plasma cannons, 3 heavy bolters, 5 missile launchers
1 NOS tactical squad from the kill team box
7th edition Data cards
1 set of 7th edition blood angel dice in time

Betrayal at Calth lot: $100
Captain in terminator armor
Dark Apostle
5 Cataphractii terminators
18 Legion Tactical mark 4 marines
10 NOS legion tactical mark 4 marines
Extra weapons and accessories on series
Game cards, dice, rulebook, and board tiles

Tyranid lot: $120
1 Carnifex (other head and weapons options on sprue)
3 Tyranid Warriors (bodies assembled, all weapons and arms still on sprues)
8 NOS genestealers
1 Brood Lord
22 Space Hulk Genestealers
1 Space Hulk Brood Lord

X-wing lot: $150
Slave 1
Tie bomber
Tie interceptor
Tie Advanced
3 Tie fighters
1 Millennium Falcon
1 A wing
1 B wing
1 Y wing
2 X wings
All cards, tokens, dice, dials, and templates from the wave 1 starter set and all ships

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Made in us
Disbeliever of the Greater Good


Added pictures and pricing for lots
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