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Made in gb
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Hi all,

I have posted this in a few places and forgot to post here!

Have reduced the prices and will split - please see below list. Tried to upload pictures but failed - comment or PM me and I'll email them over to you.

This army has been put together over a few years and I have had them professionally painted. All minis that have bases are supplied on customs resin snow themed bases as per the pics. This lot includes:
Ulrik the Slayer (old metal model) - £7
Wolf Guard Battle Leader (TH&SS) - £5
Iron Priest - SOLD
Rune Priest (converted from a SM librarian) - £5
5 Void Claws - £25
3 Lone Wolves in TDA - £15
5 TDA Wolf Guard (storm claw load out) - £20
5 long fangs (2x heavy bolter & 2x plasma cannon) - £17.50
FW Contemptor dread (multimelta & chainfist) - £35
Murderfang - SOLD
10 Sky Claws - £45
11 Fenrisian Wolves (using Chaos Warhounds) - £25
Cyberwolf - £7.50 - SOLD
2x drop pods - £35
Iron Priest on Thunderwolf - £15
5x Thunderwolf Cavalry - £50
Landraider Crusader - £35
Spartan - £50
The spartan was bought via this or another trading site and sent directly to my paintman so I don’t have proof it is a genuine FW tank.
If sold together, reduced price to £315 + postage

This army was built up before the Codex and was set up to be a Space Marine army in Deathwatch colours.
It contains:
Watch captain - £5
Chaplain (using FW Chaplain Enkomi) - £10
Command Squad (converted from SM veterans) - £25
Games Day TH mini - £10
10 man Tactical Squad (HB & Grav gun) - £17.50
Rhino/Razorback with heavy bolters and FW inquisition doors - £15
3x Grav centurions - £30
REDUCED PRICE £100 + postage.
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