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Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

There was a lot riding on this game.

I played a 750 pt. game against Luke today. The terrain was left
over from an earlier match he had with Phil, with a few hill formations,
and forest on the left flank. I won the dice off and gave Luke first

Luke's Army from left to right (my perspective):

Herne and Jonne
Sword Knights
Epic Stryker w/ Ogrun Bokur
Capt. Mage Adept
Junior Warcaster

Seeing the Sword Knights on the left flank with the scatter shooter,
I deployed as follows (again, left to right):

Zealots with Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar
3 Wracks (U pattern some distance from Severius)

I'm really sketchy on the details of the match, but here's what I

1. Herne and Jonne did their darndest to take out the monolith
bearer, but I made two tough rolls. He got the priest pretty early
on, though, so I didn't get to bomb anything with fervor up.

2. The templeflameguard held their ground against the sword
knights double swinging due to shield wall. However, once Severius
was able to Ashes to Ashes the sword knights the TFG did cleanup
and were open to Herne and Jonne. They broke ranks and fled
after being whittled down to 2.

3. With the monolith bearer knocked down, he stood up and
activated Greater Destiny while the zealots ran in a line towards
the center. With the sword knights held at bay, and herne and
Jonne in place as static shooters, I thought I'd try to chuck some
grenades at Stryker. To stay in formation they left a trail of zealots
from the frontman back to the monolith bearer.

4. The Redeemer got to take out a few Steelheads with the rockets,
but nothing really to write home about. The Bokur advanced and
with some flying steel (Stryker was starting to advance at this
time) he either destroyed or did massive damage to the redeemer,
taking out some weapon systems.

5. In the center on the hill, the Reckoner over-extended and
managed to take a swing at the Thunderhead. The cannon didn't
splash damage, and the row of damage I did inflict may have been
the last damage I did to the Thunderhead all game. The Reckoner,
being at the front of my army, was bait for the nearby stormguard
and for the Thunderhead to pound on.

6. The Thunderhead did, in fact, pound on the Reckoner. This,
combined with supported combi-melee from the Stormguard, lead
to a disrupted, scrambled, armless Reckoner.

7. He sniped at my Castigator and, later on, at my Knights Exemplar
leader with his Hunter. Both shots did little damage, but helped
whittle things down.

8. With my Castigator and Reckoner on the edge of the hill, and
Stormguard bunching up in a line on the hillside, my Knights
Exemplar didn't have much to do. They simply charged a single
Stormguard and killed him. The Castigator advanced and Ignited,
killing both a knights exemplar and Stormguard.

(Random thought: Will they ever create a knights Rejects? Like a
crappy knight unit)

9. The Stormguard was doing more and more damage to the
Castigator, and the Knights Exemplar were getting whittled down
(and stronger with every death!).

10. Lord Commander Stryker made his appearance, moving up to
cast spells at the line of Zealots running in a straight line at
his hill. The Bokur was moving up and beating up on the Redeemer
at this point.

11. Once one zealot died from the cute cloud effect, the others
arranged themselves in a neat little semi-circle around the raging
Bokur. A few managed to do some damage to him, while one stray
grenade deviated onto the remains of my Redeemer and killed it.

12. The Revenger advanced and swatted the Bokur a good one.

13. The Choir charged and managed to do some damage.
Remember I had two choir units. One unit took out the remaining
halberdiers, while the other unit did some damage on the Bokur.
Eye of Menoth be praised.

14. Severius. He had already done a number on the Sword Knights
with his Ashes to Ashes. Now he tried to immolate Stryker with
boosted hits and damages. No critical fire, but I start to get some
damage in.

15. The Paladin made an appearance and helped with the
Halberdiers (talk about overkill, 4 damage dice on a single warrior
model with no damage boxes). He then went after Stryker, but
failed to light him on fire or kill him.

16. The Thunderhead charged at the paladin, but somehow failed
to kill him. Luke turned to Phil and slapped him for jinxing the dice.

17. So. Moment of truth. Bokur was surrounded by enemies with
reach, but had to get out of the way to help Stryker, who is over-
exposed. Free strikes from either the choir or revenger bring him

18. Stryker used his special movement spell to get to Severius,
taking a free strike from the paladin. Didnt kill him. He proceeded
to beat severius within an inch of his life.

19. My turn. To play safe I tried to melee Stryker with the units that
could reach him. Because he'd slipped through the lines, none of my
remaining units could get a charge off, so I had to settle for strikes
and dealing damage.

20. Severius finished the deed with boosted hits and damage.

21. Phil demanded that Ryan (sp?) give him his twenty-five cents.

Nice game.

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
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