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I'm considering taking the plunge and starting with Infinity since one of my FLGS is now strongly supporting it. I'm thinking of getting the Operation Red Veil starter. Is that a good place to start learning the game? Also, is it worth getting the Beyond Red Veil set as well? Are the factions from that set (Yu Jing and Haqqislam) easy to learn with and possibly competitive? I like the look of the Yu Jing model range overall, so there's that consideration as well.

If this isn't the best idea to start, I'm open to suggestions.

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 Mr_Rose wrote:
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Ollanius Pius - Savior of the Emperor

Right behind you.

If you like Yu Jing, Red Veil's a great place to start.

However be aware that there's a large number of things that just got cut from the Yu Jing range as part of "Uprising" and the addition of the Japanese State Army as their own 'faction' now.

Red Veil+Beyond Red Veil and the Dire Foes set would be a pretty good starting point for you.
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Infiltrating Naga

South Africa

All the factions are competitive. How you play is much more important than what you play.

Yu Jing is not a difficult faction to learn. If you're learning to play Infinity then an extra step while starting (that you'll learn about later anyway) isn't a big deal.

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Regular Dakkanaut

The Starters are excellent for beggining a force. Great to split with a pal and start by using the missions in the book as a way to ease into the rules.

Demos Demos Demos and Campaigns is the best way to build the community.
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Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

If you like the minis in the Red Veil box, it is indeed worth getting. Both factions are quite playable and can make for very competitive armies. The Beyond Red Veil "booster' is a nice addition, but not mandatory. (The disclaimer here is that I have both, mostly because Haqq is my main faction. You can see the painted Yu Jing in my P&M blog. link is the image in my sig. No apologies for the shameless self-promotion. )

Remember to check the resources on the Corvus Belli site too, http://infinitythegame.com/, including the free and extremely useful army builder.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Infinity is pretty balanced. Pick a starter set that appeals to you and build from that.
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