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Orem, UT

Hey there Dakka Dakka,
I am moving to Orem, UT in 2 weeks and wanted to see what the scene is like there. Where do people usually go to play games? Any area specific forums or facebook group to set up games? I mostly play 40k, but want to get back into AoS and play a little Flames of War.
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I don't know about Orem specifically, but there are a number of good choices north of Orem.

Gajo Games in Sandy
Hastur Games in Midvale
Mind Games in West Valley City
Game Haven in Sandy

and a bunch more. This area is spoiled for choice.

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Out of my Mind

Utah is saturated with LGS.

I highly recommend checking out Blakfyre Games in Pleasant Grove. (Just North of Orem)
http://blakfyre.net/ - They have a FB Page that’s active, so ask there and you’ll get a response.
They do 40k and regularly run ITC tournaments if that’s your thing.
They should still have a regular FoW group, and regularly do Star Wars and Blood abowl. Great place.

** There is also Dragons Keep in Provo, Orem, and Lehi. I’d avoid them but Im biased because of 5 different customer service experiences. There are other stores as well, but they’re mostly MTG.

BF used to have a small AoS group, but you might have to head north to some of the stores listed to get a game. There is an actual Warhammer store not listed above that is in West Jordan (40 min North of Orem). They have AoS, usually Wednesday, and Shadespire quite often.

Hastur does 40k on Thursday. (That’s where you’ll find me, so pop in and say hi)
Mind Games is Friday I think, and regularly runs non-ITC Tournaments. Good group of guys.
Gajo Games is worth a visit as the place is just too cool, but keep an eye on your Wallet there.

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